Playstation Blog: E3 Day 3 PLAYSTATION Store Update

Playstation Blog writes: "Hey again, everyone! Here's your daily dose of fresh E3 content, including Part 1 of yesterday's press conference (downloadable for PS3 and PSP). We had to break it up into three parts since the file size is huge due to the 720p high-def quality of the video.

See you again tomorrow"

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Mc Fadge3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I can't find these in the store...

EDIT: It's up now!

Jon86023778d ago

I think that this was an awesome idea by sony to put all there e3 stuff on the ps store. I love watching the gow3 trailer on my 40" 1080p bravia.

Overr8ed3778d ago

is it me or does the store load little slower.

Megaton3778d ago

It's not just you. It's most likely excess traffic because of the new video store. It started loading up slower for me yesterday after their conference.

Hububla3778d ago

Im up in Canada and i thought we always got the same crap as the US but its 10:30 on Wendsday and i still dont got the video store on my PS store.. WTF is going on here!!

Polluted3778d ago

@3.2: No video store in Canada yet. We may not get it for a while. I remember MS took a while to get their video store up in Canada as well. At least we should get it before Europe.

Expy3778d ago

LittleBigPlanet Theme was initially listed in the blog post, and has since been removed since it's not up on the PSStore.

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