Metal Gear REX statue price announced, showcased on new pictures

The price for the half sized version of 3A's Metal Gear REX has been announced, alongside some new information and a couple of tasty photos.

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Gatsu1161d ago

I need this beauty :).

Nyxus1161d ago

Yeah, this thing looks awesome. You think you'll get it?

Gatsu1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Still gotta think about it. The price isn't super high with this one thinking of how big and detailed it is, so I might.

I'm not a huge figure/statue collector, but sometimes when I see amazing ones I wanna buy :D.

Nyxus1161d ago

@ Gatsu: Yeah it's a good price actually, especially since the worldwide shipping doesn't cost anything extra.

Gatsu1161d ago

Free shipping is always a nice bonus :).

Nyxus1161d ago

Yeah, certainly for a large item like this!