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Shad0wRunner1001d ago

Just stability. Nothing to get hyped for.

thereapersson1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

That's why it's an "x.x(y)" update, and not a major update, e.g. "x.y" or "y.y".

What's wrong with improving system stability?

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Shad0wRunner1001d ago

I never said there was anything WRONG with improving stability.

I said it was nothing to get hyped for. Noone patiently waits, eagerly anticipating the next update as suspense builds...for a stability patch.

When 3.0 goes live, cram-packed full of new features and abilities, that will be something to get hyped for.

OB1Biker1001d ago

'Operation quality during use of some applications has been improved'
well that could be anything

bloop1001d ago

I hope they fix the store. If I open the store while there's a game/app running in the background, nothing loads up and the only way to get it working again is to restart the console. The store works fine if it's opened just on its own but if anything else is running it just gets stuck on a blank screen. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know a fix or workaround???

Spotie1001d ago

@bloop: Yeah, I have the same issue. Nothing to fix it for now but to restart it, as you've done.

FamilyGuy1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

I'm pretty sure that people experiencing issues do wait eagerly for stability updates in hope that it will solve their problems. This update was available about a week ago btw, it just wasn't on the system directly for some reason.

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Need the mortal kombat patch like "yesterday"!

twdll1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

I'd like an update to fiX this issue with Spotify. Make Spotify able to be accessed while playing games, instead of having to open it before playing the game. I thought that was weird to not be able to open it when playing a game without shutting game down.

Antifan1001d ago

Lol. The game doesn't shut down. It goes into suspension. If your game is shutting down, go into the power settings, enable suspend/resume.

MonsterChef1001d ago

He means during and online session, like say GTA 5 online for example, let's say you decide that you've listen to Future enough so you tell your friends to hold up on the heist why you switch out your tunes/jams/fire and as you open Spotify you get kicked from said lobby...

Old_Prodigy1001d ago

@ MonsterChef I've suspended a game and openened Spotify while in an online session, and returned to the session after resuming without losing connection to online. Not sure why he can't do the same thing.

twdll1000d ago

In Bloodborne if I try and turn on Spotify when Im playing it tells me it must close the application to do so.. Not sure if this is just for Bloodborne as I have only tried it with that game...

Kurisu1001d ago

Yeah, do what antifan says and you'll be just fine :)

ps4gamer19831001d ago

Also u can start spotify on phone and instantly continue it on ps4 even if u forgot to start-up spotify before starting game. Works for me.

joydestroy1001d ago

i LOVE this feature and use it all the time. so glad Sony switched it to Spotify.

WoshJills1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

I was annoyed about this, too, until I figured out how to use Spotify in-game.

Push down the middle PS button down for a few seconds. At the top you can skip tracks without suspending your game. Just press L1 or R1 to go forward and backwards. Press X to pause your song or resume.

If you don't like that, you can also skip, pause, change songs, search songs, and change playlists using a second device such as a laptop, tablet, or phone.

It works great.

Mac4201001d ago

Or you could just download the app on your phone an you never have to touch the actual app on the Playstation again. You can be in the middle of the game, boot up the app on your phone an play the music of your choice, then click the speaker icon an PS4 should show up as an option if you have a single account signed into both the Playstation an smartphone.

Problem solved !!! An you never have to mess with the actual Playstation app again because it is God awful compared to the iPhone app.

MrFisher211001d ago

Remote control it with your smartphone using the Spotify app.

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saukelover121001d ago

i hope it fixs my dashboard issue,my friend list and apps are talking way to long to load up ugh

Nekroo911001d ago

Press power button....wait for 2 beeps... rebuild data base (defrag)= Fixed

saukelover121001d ago

and its not my internet provider

Bytor1000d ago

It's your set up are you using a combo or 3 in one modem.I was using 3 in one wired and was having all types of problems store blue screen whats new recent activities psn apps loading then disapearing not enough bandwidth to share play and I have 50meg down then I realized even the wired connection is going threw the router.Then I noticed the Ubee router I was using had a gate way pass through so I put the Ps4 mac address in and now I get nattype 1 and every thing loads in fast.

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