Halo 5: Guardians’ Locke Trailer Is A Pre-rendered CG Trailer; Not In-Game According Studio Head

343 Studio Head Josh Holmes on the Locke trailer for Halo 5: Guardians that released yesterday. This after people started asking questions whether the footage was in-game material or not.

Usually computer generated footage has higher quality compared to footage rendered entirely in-game. There is a discussion though if also proves true on the current next-gen consoles.

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mhunterjr1156d ago

Good to know. It 'started' in-house which explains why it appears to use some in game assets, but its ultimately a CG trailer.

Hopefully the Spartan Abilities end up being as fun as they look in this trailer. I can't wait to see how the mix in with the vehicle combat.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

They won't show any in game trailers. They don't want the pixel counters getting at it so early and revealing it's inevitable short comings.


They are all good to great games that you listed. It's funny how xbox fanboys always attack Infamous when it has the same ratings as SSOD which the same fanboys consider to be the best game on Xbone.

It's always double standards from the xfans.

ThePope1155d ago

You mean like being an actual game? I know to the Sony fanboys who think the order is amazing being a game and not a movie would be a short coming. Here's something interesting to think about; there's a very good chance Halo 5 out sells every exclusive Sony releases this year. And it's going to be 900p and no ones going to care. Well only the people like you who don't get to play it!

Try harder next time troll!

breakpad1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

off course it is CG , also what they did to Halo?? ...ok with Spartan abilities but this was like Power rangers ..previous Halo at least they have kept the super soldier theme to logical what is this? a superhero with glowing abs ??...

Kal0psia1155d ago


I think they did a good thing to Halo. Seem like they were showing off some of the potential gameplay in Halo 5. Open-world, this time Spartans true to what Bungie was trying to create. A super soldier with super powers? That's what it should have been since the beginning.

StrayaKNT1155d ago

Second son
The order
Prove that pixels don't mean a thing? They are solid prood that 1080p doesn't mean a thing dude.

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Blaze9291155d ago

who thought that was in-game? Obviously never played Halo

LAWSON721155d ago

My thoughts around all the buzz, it is like people don't realize this game had a beta that showed what to expect to some degree and it currently was not CGI visuals

mhunterjr1155d ago

People are confusing 'in-game' with 'in-engine'

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corroios1155d ago

In game? But someone thought That? Only if Microsoft had.launch the xbox titan n to replace the Xbox one

badz1491155d ago

Kinda make you scratch your head when there are people out there even thinking that it's in-game. Halo will never look THAT good. At least not on the Xbone.

I don't even like Halo but has always watch its trailers, commercials, reveals and stuff since Halo 2. Even I know Halo has always use CGI for marketing.

Hercules1891155d ago

When the order and battlefront already look close to this, its not unreasonable to think it could've been in engine, especially since its downgraded from the blur cut scenes. But since this is an Xbox one game and the ps 4 is 600% more powerful I guess well settle with 360 graphics like what's seen in Quantum Break an Fable, damn do those games look ugly.

vega2751155d ago

@ hercules189

The Order. Lmao yeah I guess when a so-called game that focus more on being a movie instead of a actual game. I pretty sure it can come up with visuals like this trailer. Next time try comparing a actual game. Maybe we could take you and your comment seriously.

LAWSON721155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Halo Reach had primarily in game trailers particularly GS preorder ad same goes for Halo 4 except many more CGI or real time trailers. Halo 2 to my knowledge had no CGI trailers and Halo 3 had many in game or engine ads (including the reveal). Then again, I actually played the games and got hyped for them. The fact all GS Halo ads are in game put the odds in those believers favor at the time.

spicelicka1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Because people actually used their common sense. No one said it was in-game, but there were a few scenes where the model looked like it was made in-engine, obviously overhauled by CGI. Maybe you should read what people are actually saying instead of making assumptions.

coreyweb1155d ago way that's in game footage.

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