First Footage of Duke Nukem Trilogy

Kombo Writes: Here is the debut trailer for Apogee's brand new episodic take on Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem Trilogy.

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floatingworld3774d ago

This is the worst game trailer I've ever seen.

Scratch that.

This is the worst trailer I've ever seen. Period.

qface643774d ago

i swear i clicked this expecting to see game play this was a freaking joke seriously this made me laugh so much

donator3774d ago

I think my media player is broken. It keeps replaying the same portion of the video over and over. Man that sucks cause I was hoping to see some old Duke Nukem action.

Haha nah I'm kidding, that was horrible.

nirwanda3774d ago

that's how you make a CGI trailer with no gameplay what so ever

3774d ago
Prismo_Fillusion3774d ago

Oh my god - that was the WORST trailer I've ever seen.

I'll probably have seizures the rest of my life after seeing that...

3774d ago
floatingworld3773d ago

Seizure inducing is a nice way of putting it.

Sangria3774d ago

Cannot be, it's obligately an amateur montage made with Adobe After Effect, it sounds more like a joke.

floatingworld3773d ago

You wish it was a joke but it was delivered straight from Apogee.

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