13 minutes of gameplay from Alan Wake 2 (unreleased)

It felt like Alan Wake 2 was coming. Remedy even created a functioning internal prototype. But then the game, like its fictional protagonist, simply vanished. Here's a look at the game that almost was.

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Studio-YaMi1306d ago

For what exactly?
The game is probably canceled.

poppinslops1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Yeah, it looks like this demo ended up being the foundation for 'American Nightmare'... the 'rewriting reality' mechanic has a very Quantum Breaky feel, so perhaps this getting 'cancelled' was for the best?

Automatic791306d ago


How do you know exactly? If you read the interview Remedy is already talking about there next project with potential publishers also he indicates that Phil is 100% behind him so you never know when this can happen. I hope this comes to Xbox One the one two combination between Quantum Break and Alan Wake can be fantastic for this generation on Xbox One.

Studio-YaMi1306d ago

I agree.

Because from what I see in this Demo,Alan Wake 2 had similar looks and perhaps ideas from what we know today as "Quantum Break",that's why I think the game got canceled,if it's gonna be made,then I'm sure lots of what we just saw in this demo is gonna get scrapped for new original ideas to freshen-up the Alan Wake game.

green1306d ago

I wish Remedy had the capacity to create two AAA games at the same time because while i am super pumped for Quatum Break, i would also love a sequel to ALan Wake.

I hope after the release of Quantum Break, Microsoft would greelight the development of Alan Wake 2.

holysmokesbatman1306d ago

MS don't own Remedy... It's up to them what they do next but I have a strong feeling it probably is AW2

green1306d ago

Did you read the Eurogamer artice in the credit URL?

"When shown the prototype, Microsoft passed on the project in favour of Remedy's current undertaking: part-game part-live action series Quantum Break.

"They have been really supportive about Alan Wake and [Xbox boss] Phil Spencer has been awesomely supportive when it comes to Remedy and Alan Wake along the way," Lake concluded."

It is common knowledge that Remedy Games are a very small indipendent team (around 50) and are very happy working with Microsoft. So even if they pitched Alan Wake 2 to another publisher, they wont even have the manpower to make it happen until Quantum Break is finished. I doubt that would even happen anyway and that is what my comment is trying to state.

MasterCornholio1306d ago


"part-game part-live action series Quantum Break."

What does that mean?

I'm guessing a cinematic game but I'm not to sure about that.

TFJWM1306d ago

@MasterCornholio They are most likely talking about the Live action "TV" series that is being created along side the game

RosweeSon1306d ago

Microsoft should have funded this if there is one thing they need is games and great exclusive ones like this. I'd have bought a console for this, alongside sunset overdrive halo collection and quantum wotsit.

gamer78041306d ago

this would be a great sequel to have on xbox one, please bring it!

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The story is too old to be commented.