Changing One Mortal Kombat X Setting Might Help Your Combos

According to a lengthy video uploaded by YouTuber infamy 23, a certain setting in MKX is actually causing some users to mess up combos, even if they input the buttons correctly.

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roguedragon11006d ago

The only thing that will help me pull the kombo's is being able to constantly press one one button. Forgot how bad I was at the game until I spent £70 on the premium edition. Must stop jumping on that hype train. Great game though.

Sashamaz1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

£70? There are alternate site where you can get it cheaper, got my premium addition for less that £34. This was for a steam code though don't know if you can find something similar on consoles.

Septic1006d ago

With the shoddy netcode, I need more than this to help.

But this is good to know! I'm going to turn this off today and see if it helps.

ChronoJoe1006d ago

It's good that you can turn it off in this game. Negative edging can be a pain in other games like Street Fighter. Although, if you know it's there it can really help with some combos that require extremely fast inputs.

Thomaticus1006d ago

I hope this helps, because I'm no good on MK X right now.

madcowz641006d ago

It will most likely help you but it's not going to make you instantly better. Go into practice mode and learn kombos and how to string them together.

Ashunderfire861006d ago

No wonder why I can't do some combos with Goro! I had to literally wrestle with the controller lol! Going to bookmark this article.

ChronoJoe1006d ago

For what it's worth, for most instances it doesn't make a difference. Negative edging is on by default in most fighting games, and it doesn't make combos harder. It just means you get an extra button press when you release the button after a delay.

For a lot of cancels into special moves, it actually makes them a lot easier, that's why it's on by default. It becomes an issue however when you don't want the input and say it causes a DB1 instead of a DB2. It doesn't change anything in regards to the timing or the complexity of combos, so if you're struggling it's not likely to make a world of difference.


Yeah this game is just not as responsive as others like Killer Instinct. Going from KI to Mortal Kombat is super hard, I feel like I think to far ahead of the game and it throws me off, because MK is more slow and deliberate.

Smoking_Barrels1005d ago

I've run into far too many people online who just spam the same move over and over(mileenas Tele kick especially) rendering combos impossible on lots of occasions.

ChronoJoe1005d ago

Block then do a combo. All teleports are extremely punishable.

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