SW BattleFront Lead Designer On Missing PC Splitscreen;“Not A Slap In the Face”& “Sad To Read This”

The exclusion of a splitscreen function for the PC version of Star Wars Battlefront seems to have angered a load of PC gamers and the comment from lead designer Dennis Bränvall that people should get another pc or a console didn't settle to well either. On Twitter Bränvall replies to some tweets from disappointed gamers.

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vishmarx1126d ago

"yes, if you only had the option of one machine but you really wanted couch splitscreen co-op, you should have got a ps4 or xb1"

ouch lol

ArchangelMike1126d ago

Yeah buy how many AAA FPS on Ps4 or Xbox1 have local spitscreen multiplayer?... Excatly.

mrdxpr21126d ago

Exactly example A driveclub love the game just wish it had split screen another game dying light these games to me seem like they should have some sort of split screen. My question is now when morpheus comes out will we be able to do split screen or some sort of local multy.

Hmm pc sPlit screen how would that work ?

zeal0us1126d ago

Well I guess modders will have to fix another developer screw-up/screw-over again.

3-4-51126d ago

* Who pays you all to complain like this on a daily basis ?

Must be a nice check.

So many closet trolls trying to troll EA/Star Wars..

Beyond pathetic.

You guys work for polygon ?

hiredhelp1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

From what I read the feature was never implamented for PC in first place but yet He implaments its there for consoles. AKA you want that go buy consoles...
Not cool yet he has cheek say hes a PC Gamer come on... Cheeky response like this to pc gamers and then say im a pc gamer myself.

awi59511126d ago

They should have put a lan option on pc

crazychris41241126d ago

Just keeps getting better and better. How much harder can it be to add it to PC?

Stapleface1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

So basically they are not implementing it so it can meet the release date for this year. Another rush job. I wonder how broken this game will be on release.

Neixus1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

How would you know that it's not getting implemented because it has to meet a release date?

The game got ANNOUNCED in 2013, it's not a rush job. It's so popular to hate on EA now that you still get agrees whilst looking like a complete idiot.

And no, i don't like EA, i'm just playing devil's advocate, i can't stand unjustified hating.

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The story is too old to be commented.