PSN Messaging Maintenance Scheduled for This Wednesday, April 22

Taking place for three hours between 5am BST to 8am BST on Wednesday, April 22, the PlayStation Network messaging system will be undergoing maintenance, interrupting certain services.

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fayz1036d ago

LOL do these guys not have a backup server? never has xbl been down due to maintenance or improving features

Kane221036d ago

its just a damn small maintenance. not a big deal.

Ciporta19801036d ago

Shows how little you know about Xbox live then. In the early 360 days Xbox live used to have regular 24 he downtime for scheduled maintenance.

Clown_Syndr0me1036d ago

Are they finally going to fix the laggy messaging?
It's so slow sometimes you'd think you were on a dialup or instant messaging had only just been invented.

Kurisu1036d ago

Seems that they could be trying to fix that if it's only the messaging stuff that will be down. Sometimes they send fine but other times it sits at 90% sent for quite a while before it sends.

nucky641036d ago

this is one thing I've never had trouble with. however, I do hate the ps4 keyboard for typing messages - I liked the ps3 version SO much better.

spunnups1036d ago

Off Topic....but I'd love to be able to delete multiple ppl off my friends list at once. Thanks to Destiny's brilliant raiding system, i now have hundreds of friends who I don't even know.

itsjustexuma1036d ago

That would be an amazing feature

ThunderPulse1036d ago

I had to take myself off the 'people you might know" list cause I was getting so many random FR's.