New Mad Max Screenshots and Concept Art Show the Beautiful Brutality of the Wasteland

Today brings ten new high resolution screenshots and pieces of concept art that showcase the desert environment of the Wasteland.

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ValKilmer1157d ago

Why isn't this game coming out in May?

Seems like a bad decision.

Omnisonne1156d ago

Yeah, though a reason could be The Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight being released coming months

Bummer though, think i'll wait with watching the movie one week or so before the game comes out

Revolver_X_1156d ago

I don't see how giving a developer more time can ever be a bad decision.

Crummybear1157d ago

The concept is fresh, the developer is talented, and the screenshots look awesome. I think all the elements are in place for WB to have another sleeper hit on their hands. Now show us the damn gameplay!