Postal 2 DLC Blasts Double Fine, Portrays Tim Schafer as Sexual Deviant

The amount of Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions hatred packed in simply must be seen to be believed.

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ValKilmer1160d ago

Haha, these are actually really funny.

AudioEppa1160d ago

Can't wait to buy broken age next week.

donwel1160d ago

I thought the title said Portal DLC for a second there.
I was wondering why Valve would be taking a pot shot at Schafer, or why they'd be putting out DLC for a 4 year old game.

SolidGear31159d ago

Well Postal 2 is over 10 years old I believe. Postal 3 has already been out a couple years.

eldingo1159d ago (Edited 688d ago )

Postal 3 exists yes but running with scissors doesn't like to talk about that one nor fans of the first 2 people consider it unofficial cause running with scissors did not make it and it sucked so yes i'll pretend that abomination doesn't exist if you do.

Nwah1159d ago

Paradise Lost is awesome. I hope RWS makes (the real) Postal 3.

eldingo1159d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Oh running with scissors your jokes are the best the laughs always come when you guys go to town on someone.

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