PS4 Exclusive Fairy Fencer F’s New Trailer Reveals Star Spangled Staff: Amano, Uematsu and Inoue

Today Compile Heart released a new teaser trailer of the PS4 exclusive JRPG Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, and it revealed the game’s main staff.

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slinky1234561186d ago

A lot more JRPG's coming to PS4. Can't wait.

Takwin1186d ago

It will be unreal. Between the PS4 and the 3DS, there are or will be more *good* JRPGs than I likely have time. It is amazing!

styferion1185d ago

true.. I want to start playing Bloodborne's new game+ but haven't been able to because of monster hunter 4 ultimate, 300+ hours and still no end in sight. Not to mention the unopened Xenoblade 3ds, they said it's around 200+ hours long.. and didn't they mention next month's The Witcher 3 also have that length? my god.

Magicite1185d ago

I almost want to cry when I think how many JRPG games PS4 library will have after several years.

ThunderPulse1185d ago

But will most of them be heading West that is the real question.

bouzebbal1186d ago

we are witnessing the japanese awakening thanks to PS4.

Transistor1186d ago

From what I've heard, most of these deals and agreements were done on the tail end on the ps3. Most of the exclusive deals and agreements since the PS4s announcement have not been announced yet. Star Ocean and Dragon's Dogma were both made before the PS4 launched for example. The JP market IMO has realized the mistakes of last gen and want to go back to what worked for them previously.

Like you said, great time to be a JRPG gamer. If you own a PS4.

miyamoto1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Like I said before the PlaySaviour 4 is revolutionizing the gaming industry and restoring progress, productivity, balance and the glory days of gaming.
Prepare for the Second Japanese Invasion!
Glory Days Ahead.

The only one missing in that line up is Mr. Sakaguchi.

oasdada1186d ago

Great time to be a Jrpg fan.. loving it

MasterCornholio1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

PS4 = Emperor of JRPGs

Anyone agree with me?

Edit: And screw those people who don't want JRPGs on their system. They are not gamers in my opinion. Nothing wrong with having more choice.

Takwin1186d ago

Any gamer who wouldn't want a genre on their system is an idiot. I don't like FPS at all, but I have no problem with people liking it, playing it, or it being on the same shelf as RPGs and action adventures.

I would think an intelligent gamer would want more good and/or popular games to give their system a larger install base, which then leads to more of the games they enjoy.

Letthewookiewin1185d ago

PS4= Emperor of consoles :)

styferion1185d ago

It's not that they don't want to, more like they feel obliged to hate it because those games won't come to the other console.. I'm sure they'll sing different song if all those JRPGs went multiplatform.

Ristul1186d ago

Great time to be a JRPG fan!

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The story is too old to be commented.