E3 08: 80GB PS3 coming to Europe

MCV: SCEE president David Reeves confirms 40GB will be phased out as new SKU launches on August 27th

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White-Sharingan3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

very nice; finally

wonder when Japan will get it

pwnsause3776d ago

its nice that they added more value to that model

thereapersson3776d ago

Does this new 80gb sku have BC or is it just the 40gb with a larger HDD?

Alexander Roy3776d ago

Just the bigger HDD.
Tretton said in an interview that BC will be phased out because "they decided to".
Here are hopes they will reintroduce PS2 BC as soon as the PS2 sales decline. But don't count on it.

thereapersson3776d ago

Oh well, I have a 60gb (OG PS3, baby!) but it would be nice to have it in future models.