Rocksmith 2014 DLC for 4/21 "Alternative Rock Song Pack"

Hello Rocksmith fans!

It’s a week of singles again but thankfully everyone is playing along nice to give fans a pack discount! Artists making their Rocksmith 2014 debut this week are bands such as: Dinosaur Jr, Fuel, Lit, Stone Sour, and the previously know Yellowcard!

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MoonConquistador1160d ago

A Strokes songpack is desperately needed. I seen Jukebox on there but thats the only song. In fact, I need the strokes back playing live first.

Currently jamming to modest mouse

CaptainYesterday1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Under Cover of Darkness is on the first Rocksmith.

toymachinesh1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

The Strokes DLC

Last Nite


MoonConquistador1158d ago

Thx Toymachine, I got last nite eh, last night lol

It was more a money saving songpack I was looking for (collection of songs at a cheaper price)

@optimus - I've been playing guitar for nearly 20 years and still think rocksmith is a great piece of kit. Go treat yourself

optimus1160d ago

I bought a real guitar recently and thought about buying rocksmith to learn how to play, i only wish it had more songs i'm familiar with.

optimus1158d ago

Out of all the ones on that list i only recognized about 27. I'm sure it would be less than that if you don't include the dlc songs...which i hardly ever buy.

toymachinesh1157d ago

You might discover the songs that you don't care about are the songs that you have the most fun playing / learn something from. Also DLC is always going to be a big part of music games, so yeah.