E3 2015 Publisher Spotlight: Sony’s Past, Present & Predictions

Heavy - E3 2015 is almost here, and we’re all starting to get very excited about gaming’s biggest stage of the year. E3 is the time of year that publishers save their big announcements for. So, we’ll undoubtedly see some bombs drop during the show. We’re starting to make our E3 2015 predictions, and now we’re planning these publisher spotlights in the weeks leading up to the show. We’ve already shined a light on Electronic Arts and what they might do at E3, but now let’s go one step bigger — Sony!

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AngelicIceDiamond1188d ago

"They didn’t show any family games like Microsoft did."

To be clear MS didn't show any family games last E3. Unless the article is talking about their history then yes I'll gladly agree.

Sony if not most of the publishers did great last year. It was well grounded and pretty standard E3.

Only downfall is lacked surprised factor.

But this is the time where you officially step up. I dunno what Sony's gonna show us but imo it needs to stamp that PS4 brand in our minds.

Make us say "ok, this is what PS4 is about" Naturally, each publisher well excel each and every year but I feel like this year should be the year of a few bombs at least. Last E3 was great, exciting, but very safe and somewhat predictable. This year needs to make us say WOW with PS4 as well as others.

AudioEppa1187d ago

I think LBP3 surprised people.

Lucreto1187d ago

LBP3 wasn't even rumoured and Bloodborne was also a surprise.

susuFOX1187d ago

Most of the surprise announcements was saved for the PlayStation Experience, I this E3 will be OK and PS-X will be awesome.

vacoby51187d ago

My bad, Just realized this site has notifications on replies but in response to a nearly month old comment, the gow collection was cross buy, if you buy the ps3 version you get the vita.. if that helps lol

Lucreto1187d ago

Sony's conference is shaping up fine this year.

MGSV trailer
Battlefront trailer
Ratchet movie and gametrailer
Level 5 game reveal
Uncharted 4 trailer
Uncharted Collection
Destiny Expansion trailer

Then the Third Party Productions stuff will be interesting. One guess will be Suikoden 3 become a PS2 Classic.

Joe9131187d ago

I hope they do the movie theater thing again that was pretty nice.

Josuey1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Theres going to be a huge unanounced PS4 exclusive title replacing uncharted 4 delay this year.

Posibly GT7 or last guardian.

Im sure sony did not delay uncharted 4 without some kind of back up plan especially with halo 5 coming up. I hope its a big surprise