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With DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront trailer reveal thundering through with its “in-engine” proclamation, the internet understandably went into hyperdrive with most gamers shouting the Star Wars Battlefront graphics we’ve seen can’t possibly be representative of gameplay — regardless of what DICE vaguely says.

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Wedge19915d ago

I'm on the fence, but I'll reserve judgement for now.

Transistor914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Gameplay screenshot of split screen. First and Third person.

moomoo319914d ago

Final graphics are probably not gonna be quite that clean, anti-aliasing is very taxing on an online heavy game like BF4. The most recent trailer is running with MSAA x8.
If DICE actually release it at 60fps like they announced on twitter, it will definitely not have that level of anti-aliasing and other effects.

But its nice to finally see it from the in-game perspective, looks epic

UltraAtomic914d ago

O.o I like!!! NICE! thx for showing us those pics.

Smitty2020914d ago

Move up I need a seat lol

Kingscorpion1981915d ago

The graphics looked nice! Just hope it don't turn out to be another Battlefield

Cid33914d ago

it will not look like that in-game, maybe in cutscenes but not in-game. this is EA, history tells me to expect a massive downgrade when gold hits.

bondsmx914d ago

Graphics are graphics. It's awesome to have incredible ones, but like someone mentioned up top, I just hope it runs smooth, no rubber banding, no lag, no hit dectection problems, server issues, packet loss, and all the other god awful things that have plagued battlefield games at launch, and most recently battlefield 4.

I'm a die hard battlefield fan. 1000+ hours in each and every battlefield game, except bf4. Even after all the patches and fixes, it still never felt right too me. But I got high hopes for battlefront.

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