Short Pause Podcast #24: Does Battlefront Need A Campaign? Is The House Of Wolves Tainted w/o Raid?

The Short Pause crew chime in on the latest happenings within the video game industry. The topics this week include:

- A few members are head over heels in love with the Star Wars Battlefront reveal trailer and can’t wait to get their hands on the game, whereas one of them is skeptical that the game will fail to live up to the hype.
- The fellas discuss the disappointing news regarding the lack of a raid in the upcoming Destiny expansion, House of Wolves.
- Initial hands-on impressions of Mortal Kombat X.

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tazmeah1005d ago

I don't remember much of a campaign from Battlefront on the PlayStation 2, I was mostly into the multiplayer anyways. I'm just really glad they included the ability to switch from first-person to third-person perspectives. I'm hoping the co-op missions are strategic...imagine if they were similar to the raids in Destiny?

TheDude791005d ago

I actually mention that in the podcast. I won't get my hopes up that the cooperative missions are that in-depth, but one can dream!

OB1Biker1005d ago

I agree I'm very happy about 3rd pers and missions you can play single player or coop

As for the article I'm also 'skeptical that the game will fail to live up to my hype' which is at a reasonable level anyway :)

Summons751005d ago

As long as I can play mission offline I don't care. I'd rather have offline bot matches than a campaign with a shoehorned story that everyone is just going to tear apart anyway because EA is the publisher. Just like I'm not upset about space battles because honestly they weren't that great to begin with. They are cool in theory but the flight controls were meh. Of course this is just the first reboot of Battlefront, I'm sure they could either do DLC after the game to really nail the controls or just wait until the sequel comes out and put in their. Mostly I just want to see actual gameplay.

Bathyj1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Well Im sure it will be good for those that like that sort of game (or not, Multiplayer gamers never seem to be happy) but its not for me. No Single player for me is no buy. Which is a shame because it looks promising.

Plus for a Starwars game I think it deserves a deep engaging storyline with interesting characters. The franchise has too much history and lore to reduce it to yet another virtual shooting gallery.

TheDude791005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

I can understand your reasoning for not picking the game up, I too enjoy a good campaign. I've just always associated the Battelfront franchise with multiplayer, so I guess I just wasn't expecting a robust campaign. But at $60, I can definitely understand why those who expect a full package for a full-priced retail game are disappointed.

I do think we will get that "deep engaging storyline with interesting characters" experience when the Visceral Games developed Star Wars game drops. With Amy Hennig (Uncharted) is penning that story, then I think that will be the Star Wars game that campaign enthusiasts will be happy to get their hands on.