GameStop Pushes Xbox One with Bonuses and Discounts in New Xbox One Weekend; Flyer Inside

If you’re on the market for Xbox One-related products, you may want to give a look at GameStop’s offers for the upcoming weekend.

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Rookie_Monster1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Wow, we literally got MS need to push xbox at gamestop with flyers and just a moment ago, we have Dualshockers posting Sony teames up with Gamestop and kindly giving away PS4s to Ronald McDonald.

Seems like the agenda is made and both articles were written by the same author...hmm..Abriael.

Eonjay1156d ago

Im not understanding your point. The stories are both accurate right?

Rookie_Monster1156d ago

Yea, but Gamestop every week have deals for every systems and they alternate and I also seen special deals and store credit for PS4 as well and you never see Dualshockers posting those. Also on the same ad, there are also PS4 deals as well like get a year of PSN for free with a PS4 purchase with a extra controller. Why wasn't that also be part of the headline if we are truly going by the ad?

Abriael1156d ago

@Rookie_Monster: because it's called BY GAMESTOP "Xbox One Weekend"

Look at the top of the ad, instead of putting up a tinfoil hat.

darthv721156d ago

Abriel, must be a slow news day if you are going to take a store ad and make a story out of it.

bottom line is this is a 2 day promo from gamestop. Real edge of your seat journalism right there. you just gave them some free advertising and they wont give you nothing in return.

Abriael1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

@darthv72: yeah well, by that logic we give "free advertisement" to a ton of developers, publishers, stores and what not every time we post about a game, deal, or basically anything else. And yeah, they give us nothing in return. It would be a problem if they did.

We post to inform, and deals are information. I appreciate that you aren't sitting on the edge of your seat. Not every piece of news can be like that.

Do you post this kind of comment in every one of the hundreds of posts about deals you find on N4G? or this is somewhat special?

darthv721156d ago

you got me there Abriel. i mean without you doing this sort of service, what are gamers going to do...?

Oh thats right. they would likely go to to find all sorts of daily deals and weekly ads.

your other story about sony and Gs teaming up with the ronald mcdonals house. that is good news to know. this is still just a store ad you made a story out of.

slow news day indeed.

rainslacker1156d ago

Never understand why people get upset about articles that post current deals going on. I often find deals out there this way without having to hunt them down. Tends to fulfill my impulse buying tendencies, and since I don't spend every moment looking for deals, and sometimes forget about stuff I may want, if I see them for a good price, I'll pick them up.

Who care's what the source is for informing people of these deals?

iiorestesii1156d ago

Console war is over. Please refrain from all taddle tale activity. Pick up the pieces of your life and commence as per diem.

Death1156d ago

Perhaps the issue some are taking is with the way the article was sensationalized for hits. "GameStop Pushes Xbox One with Bonuses and Discounts in New Xbox One Weekend; Flyer Inside"

If you were going for unbiased and accurate, it would be more like "Gamestop Xbox One Weekend offers for April 24-26; Flyer Inside"

Using "Push" makes it seem like Microsoft is desperate. It's not even the correct marketing term for the story. If you want to get technical, this is a marketing "pull", but that doesn't sound as dramatic not to mention it's rare that people identify the marketing technique in a news story. Throwing in "discounts" and "bonuses" is also kind of redundant since it is a sales advertisement.

In all honesty, "Gamestop Xbox One Weekend sales and discounts for April 24-26" would also come off as unbiased and also be a little more professional.

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NecotheSergal1156d ago

*gives tinfoil hat to Rookie*

Chevalier1156d ago

I actually work at an EB Games and we're onto our 5th Xbox promotion in 4 months. We have only had 1 PS4 sale since it launched. Even with $100 difference and giving an extra $50 Live card our PS4 sales still destroyed Xbone sales.

Trade promotions we have had for both, usually simultaneously. But straight up sales have almost been exclusively Xbone only. So yes they are getting desperate.

kraenk121155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

seeing how the PS4 sold almost 3 times as much worldwide in the week 'til 21. of march I can surely understand that.

ifistbrowni1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

A front page ad on my 360 is a picture of an Xbox One and it says "Get $125 trade in credit" or something along those lines.

I think it's kinda sad they're advertising directly to the dashboard on 360, promoting the idea of trading in our 360s to get xbox one (isn't the gaming industry widely "against" trade in since it hurts new sales?). To me it's sad, but it makes sense to give it straight to the target demographic.

IMO, it's a fair deal. They're not going to be coming out with any note-worthy 360 titles in the coming years. If you want to keep up to date on gaming entertainment, it's time to switch to ps4 or xb1.

WickedLester1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

It amazes me that despite the fact that MS' original plans for X1 was a direct threat to EB Game's pre-owned business model, Gamestop even actively pushes MS products in their stores. If I were Gamestop I would have told MS' to go fuck themselves back before the X1 launched.

Rookie_Monster1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

3 weeks ago, Sony had their own PS4 weekend event advertising at gamestop and...surprise, surprise, no article from your site.
[Gamestop] Get $175 Gamestop Credit Toward a New Playstation 4 when you trade in your PS3 120GB or Higher/ XBOX 360 250GB or Higher($175 credit)

Where is the article about "Gamestop pushing PS4" at from Dualshockers? These ads occurs all the time for every systems and I find it funny that Dualshockers only post fire sales for XB1 and uses words as "pushed" in the headline and not any other consoles when it is a week where the XB1 is having a deal for a trade in. If you are going to be a fair journalist, at least post everything equally and not just one sided. It is a pattern that anyone can figure out from miles away what you guys are trying to do. No need to hide behind the bushes.

Abriael1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

I think you're being paranoid. We had an article about a PS4 weekend as well when we caught wind of it a while ago. That link you posted says nowhere it's a PS4 weekend. Just a trade-in offer.

This one is called *by gamestop* Xbox One weekend, and it happens pretty rarely.

Anyone can figure out from miles away that you're getting upset about nothing.

dotwithshoes1156d ago

These special week end sales for everything happen pretty regularly. I can count at least 4-5 "Xbox Weekend"s over the past year. So rarely wouldn't be the right word.

Abriael1156d ago

considering that there are 53 weekends in a year, I would say 4-5 fits the definition of "rarely"

star_lancer1156d ago

I work part time at Gamestop, and there are just as many special sales that push PS4 as there are sales that push Xbox One.

Trying to make it seem like there's some sort of "rare" promotion to try to sell Xbox One's is just biased and flat out wrong.

Tsubasa-Oozora1155d ago

Don't worry about Abriael, he's Microsoft second-best cheerleader.

This guy writes for Dualshockers(a PS related name) while promoting the heck out of xbox.

And don't you dare say somnething about the cloud on his website.. last year he banned a whole bunch of us because we questioned Microsoft statement on how the cloud can turn the xbox into 50 xbox's. Abriael gets paranoid when you question "the power"

He has no shame whatsoever. Ask around and you will know.

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Bdub20001155d ago

Oh my gosh! Sales for the PS4 are going to stop because it wasn't advertised that one weekend. And now X1 is going to take over domination because of this article!

The world is ending! Oh my gosh, N4G should be sued for collaborating with Microsoft to not advertise Sony sales enough! Aghhhhhh!!!!!!

Julion07151156d ago

Anything bashing ms get you clicks and flame wars. We all know what these guys are up to

RiPPn1156d ago

Store promoting goods they sell.. brilliant!

DragoonsScaleLegends1156d ago

Well it always seems GameStop markets 3DS and Xbox the most but I don't see why that matters anyway. GameStop is not anyones PR team so they can do what ever they want. TV, YouTube, and Websites like N4G is what markets Sony best anyway unless we are talking about the casuals that walk into GameStop, that might grab more sales to those type of gamers. Still regardless it just doesn't really matter unless your a fanboy. People still Xbox bashing really shows the gross people on the internet.

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