Nintendo’s E3 2015 is going to be Massive – And Here’s Why

With E3 2015 right around the corner, many are doubting Nintendo being able to hold a strong position at the event. But have signs already been given that shows Nintendo is actually gearing up for something massive? Shawn Long breaks down why he feels Nintendo's E3 2015 is going to be a special occasion.

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ShinMaster1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

This wasn't that much better than the assumptions made by other analysts. A lot of maybes and unknowns.

That said, I can't wait for Star Fox. And I really hope they're not delaying Zelda for release on the NX. A lot of people took a leap of faith and got a Wii U because of the games they had announced. So that would be BULL.

Yi-Long1007d ago

To be fair, many already warned when Zelda WiiU was announced that it might do a 'Twilight Princess'* and get delayed and pushed towards the next console.

(* = TP was originally a Cube game, and while it still released on the Cube, it also became a launch-game for the Wii)

For me, Zelda WiiU and Xenoblade X would have been THE reason for me to pick up a WiiU this year, but now it seems Zelda might indeed be moving to their next console (and TBH objectively, that probably would be a wise move for Nintendo, cause that would absolutely be a huge Day 1 system-seller), and it's still unclear if Xenoblade X will have the original Japanese voices as an option in the western release...

InTheLab1007d ago

It's going to release on the Wiiu. No way N would risk further damaging consumer confidence in the brand by doing something like that.

Besides, people are forgetting that while Twilight Princess was a cross gen title, Skyward Sword was not. Surely they won't go a whole gen without giving the Wiiu it's own "Skyward Sword".

iplay1up21007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

I do not think Zelda is going to be moved to,
and or released on Wii U and NX. When first announced Nintendo specifically said the console NX(and they did say console): is meant to "sit beside the Wii U and 3DS". That said....Nintendo also said and this is not quite a quote but, its new technology.

I have no idea what it could be, but I hope its cool!

I could speculate, but would probably be wrong.

Neonridr1006d ago

I just don't see NX releasing before 2017. I would have a hard time seeing Nintendo delay Zelda until then just to have it on the NX console instead.

More than likely they would gear up to have a brand new Mario game launch with the NX having not had a console release with a true Mario launch game since the N64.

I am sure there will be a Zelda game for the NX, but I don't see it being this one.

Yi-Long1006d ago

I think they'll try to release their next console before the end of this year, or spring next year max.

If they wait too long, say 2017, there will already be talk about the PS5 and a new Xbox coming within 1-2 years, and you'll have the same problem the WiiU had: being able to compete with current gen, but not having the big leap in specs needed to again compete with the next-gen consoles, meaning many gamer will just choose to wait for the other 2 to release.

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Lucreto1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

We have no idea what the NX is. It could be their next handheld. They won't even take about it until 2016 and may not release until 2017.

GordonKnight1006d ago

Sales of the Wii U prove that not many people purchased the Wii U at all.

Neonridr1006d ago

define not many? by your logic not many people bought the Vita or the Xbox One either.

Mikefizzled1007d ago

Its going to be so big that they aren't even going to go to E3. :P Nintendo are an interesting team.

wonderfulmonkeyman1007d ago

If they can pull off something as memorable as Reggie vs Iwata again, give us more details on Devil's Third, Xenoblade X, and SMT X FE (alongside release dates for all 3), and give us a surprise game or two again like they did with Bayonetta 2, then they'll have a strong E3, at least, already in the bag.
A stage show would be a welcome bonus, but I'm expecting that they'll stick mostly to digital presentations, since they work great and allow more creativity, like those Robot Chicken-like skits they used before.

gangsta_red1007d ago

"...and give us a surprise game or two again like they did with Bayonetta 2,"

The new Starfox, which was suppose to come out before Zelda this year, and how about the rumored Metroid game from a while back. Isn't Retro working on something new also?

I'm sure Nintendo has a few surprises up their sleeve for E3.

roboshort1006d ago

They said they are going to only show off games released this year.. I don't really know what that means. But anyway, I am interested to see what is going on with Projects Guard and Giant Robot and seeing updates on Devil's Third. Also, wondering if we will get to see home ports of Luigi's Mansion Arcade (an FPS, something which the WiiU is sorely lacking in) and Pokken. It looks like Xenoblade could easily be the best video game this year, so it should be a good show.

TeamLeaptrade1007d ago

I would love to see Nintendo kill it at the next E3. I really think Nintendo is going to have another great year.

N4g_null1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

I'm sure it will be fine. Starfox and what ever retro is working on should be sweet. Splatoon should be shown and devils 3rd. Xenonblade should be out or about to be out.

Kid icuras or a metroid hunters type game with some of the bosses from prime as controllable players would be cool.

An abvance war Bwii spin off that is a parody of cod lol.

Excite truck would be cool!

Great points though. I'm especially interested in what Dena is going to do. They could just break down that service and how it rocks. Also the guy has a point guitar hero is coming. If bop3 comes thing yeah something huge is about to go down.

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