Every Mortal Kombat X DLC Patch Will Come with a Free Costume

First up, Sub-Zero.

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TheColbertinator1188d ago

I approve of that. To be honest I was expecting MKX to eventually start charging for patches.

Dhampir1188d ago

They can do that after they pay us to beta test their products.

vishmarx1188d ago

i dont approve of that. 3.5gb download per costume is f**** is bullshit.some of us have limited bandwidth here.
why would i wanna download 3.5 gb of data when 99% of it contains paid dlc?

deadpoolio3161187d ago

Um they are talking about compatibility patches, the same thing they did with MK9....The problem is most people are too lazy to actually download them so if you were good with a DLC character 99% of the time you wont be using them....

And the general attitude when you mention to people online that there are compatibility patches that come with a free character skin they say so, I dont care....

Then people wonder why all fighting games should have the DLC on the disc, so we dont run into this people to lazy to download a patch

ThichQuangDuck1188d ago

It is cool if costumes cost money,but it would be nice if all characters were free or they did what Street Fighter did and waited to make a new expansion of some kind where everyone was on same playing field,but not at launch.

Street Fighter didn't even do DLC characters at launch

CorndogBurglar1188d ago

MKX didn't do DLC characters at launch either...

ThichQuangDuck1187d ago

Sorry true immediate season pass. I more mean it leads to immediate purchasing or not of characters that come down the line before just focusing on what is in the game

onikrulz1187d ago

Goro was available for pre order and at launch as dlc for those who didn't pre order. Though he was a bit overcharged I'd say. Blue Steel Sub Zero costume was also available 1st week, 1.99 usd. They have a ton of packs in development, as discovered in steam db of mkx

DivineAssault 1188d ago

This whole DLC this is getting out of hand.. I remember a time when secrets within games were IN THE DAMN GAME to be unlocked.. Not having to pay for items to complete the game.. The krypt requires so many koins that it would take months of non stop playing to get everything.. But they wanna tempt people with a $20 unlock all.. Well i already spent $100 for the game with the kombat pack (which shouldve been free!) im not giving them another dime.. Locked characters, costumes, fatalities, & brutalities should be reasonably obtainable in the game.. Im VERY disappointed with nether realm studios for this

Kingdomcome2471188d ago

Yeah, this whole practice has gotten pretty out of hand in general.

CorndogBurglar1188d ago

Costumes, fatalities, and brutalities are reasonably unlockable in the game.

Sure some are DLC. But people act like there is nothing to unlock in the game. A lot of costumes arent even unlocked in the Krypt. If you beat a character's classic tower it unlocks an alt costume for them. Also, other, more rare costumes can be unlocked by completing certain tasks, like win 30 King of the Hill matches.

I'm not saying DLC isn't getting out of hand, but its all optional stuff in MKX. All that stuff you just mentioned, can be unlocked in the game with ghe exception of the 4 characters.

As for the Krypt. Use google and find which tombstones unlock what you want.

crusf1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

"The krypt requires so many koins that it would take months of non stop playing to get everything."
It's been three days since started playing and I've almost unlocked everything and thats me going to work and all.
Plenty of unlockables in the game no need to complain.

DivineAssault 1188d ago

really? How exactly? Ive had it since launch & i havent even completed the 1st area.. I dont spend 10+hrs at a time playing the game because i cant.. gotta ya know, work n all that good stuff but i have put in a hefty amount of time into it & completed story mode 2x, MANY single & tower matches as well.. So how the hell did u unlock all that in a matter of 3 days?

Insomnia_841187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I smell BS!

ion6661188d ago

It will not take months ,omg I unlocked like half the first week. That's a b.s. statement.

TheJacksonRGN1187d ago

"This whole DLC this is getting out of hand."

You come to an article about how we are getting free content every time we download a patch for the game, and you complain? Really?

onikrulz1187d ago

There are many outfits and content 'in the game' already. There are challenges to be done to unlock the Revenant costumes and Dark Emperor Liu Kang, Dark Empress Kitana etc. The game is full of content and also got dlc under development

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souljah451187d ago

NR did do a day one patch which earns you less Koins which is a shitty thing for them to do so anyone who got the game early earned alot more of them before the patch to encourage those crappy pay options.