No Space Battles in Star Wars: Battlefront? EA Should Just Give Us a New X-Wing/TIE Fighter

The lack of space battles in Star Wars: Battlefront caused a lot of discussion among the community, that would of course love to pilot the iconic Star Wars starfighters in epic battles in the dark depths of space.
But the origibal Star Wars: Battlefront games weren’t the best way to pilot an iconic X-Wing or a TIE Fighter.

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Dudebro901186d ago

Or they should make a battlefront game proper and not a battlefield skin.

Allsystemgamer1186d ago

Your trolling is terrible. Battlefront basically was battlefield.

Dudebro901186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

How am I trolling?

So because you take over bases means it's battlefield?

So does playing domination in cod mean it's basically battlefield as well?

Battlefront had classes, was a third person shooter, space battles, and tons of planets and maps.

So far no classes, is first person (with optional third person, but why make it native first person if it isn't just Battlefield?), only 4 planets, no space battles and has been said that it looks like battlefield in action.

Do you really think Dice can make a game from the ground up in 2 and a half years that will be faithful to battlefront?

If so, you are deluded my friend. Look at the evidence in front of you. Battlefront will be battlefield with a skin.

Irishguy951186d ago

Battlefront was massively inspired by battlefield...I mean literally it was an attempt and at star wars battlefield...

look it up.

badboyz091186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Give me a "D"
Give me a "L"
Give me a "C"

What does that spell?????? EA

gangsta_red1186d ago

No Space Battles in Star Wars? No problem, DLC.

How else will EA keep interest alive for the game well into the future if they can't hold anything back that they know consumers would want.

Godz Kastro1186d ago

Yeah, I'm not a big ea bashed but this is a bit scary. Lets see how they handle.

How about a cur rent gen version of n64 rouge squadron? Using the ships to fly around the left of at st's to bring them down. Would be awesome!

Gangsta, can you pm me your gamer tag? Maybe we can play sometime.

gangsta_red1186d ago

I don't hate EA as much as others seem to either but their business model is pretty plain for all to see.

One of two things, production of games has come a lot further and takes a lot longer than it did back when the first Battlefront was made. Maybe production for space battles was just to big in scope for them to release this game on time.


They truly did leave Space Battles out on purpose in order to sell it separate as DLC.

Regardless I am still excited to play this game. If space battles come later on then so be it.

kamundo1186d ago

No, EA should give us a complete Battlefront game, rather than one that regresses so hard it has less content and fewer features than the first entry in the series over 10 years and 2 console generations ago.

trywizardo1186d ago

you just can be happy that they're revived the Battlefront series , it was like half life wanted by the fans and ignored by the devs ....
40P MP with goo graphics and 60fps (like you fps and resolutions geeks want) that makes no space for space battle , get it ? get it ? :v

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The story is too old to be commented.