4GO 7: Banjo-Kazooie in SSB and March NPD figures

Gamers, it has once again been awhile, but 4GO is back to regular production. This episode, Glenn Gordon hosts alongside Garri Bagdasarov and 4GO’s newest crew member, Pedro “The Bird Man” Gonzalez, to discuss what has been going on in the world of gaming.

Early Vita owners may be entitled to a little money stemming from a class-action lawsuit for false advertising. Details about Mass Effect 4 may have been leaked. Phil Spencer is extremely valuable to Xbox. Also, the creators of Batman: Arkham Knight are teasing a sweet new feature.

In addition, the crew discusses Phil Spencer’s tweet stating that he’s open to having Banjo and Kazooie on the new Super Smash Bros. game, and whether or not it could actually happen. Of course, there are also NPD figures for March to talk about, and though PS4 is in a fantastic position once again, its competitors are far from down and out.

Of course, there's lots more inside, so click play and enjoy! Until next week, gamers!

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SoapShoes1034d ago

PS4 sold more than Wii U and X1 combined in March, pretty impressive and probably will be a repeat this month too.

SoapShoes1033d ago

Saw it on GAF, it wasn't a blow out but still better than both.