Check out one of the best Battlefield 4 sniper kill-streaks ever

A player manages to take out 8 enemies in less than 15 seconds using only the standard sniper rifle in Battlefield 4.

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the_dark_one1036d ago

Damm, i just started snipping in bf4 and i thought i was doing quite well, but this takes my skills and puts them to shame

matt1391036d ago

Wow i forgot how much better this game is than hardline lol

Fishy Fingers1036d ago

Ever? That's a common choke point. I'd of been more impressed if the majority of the kills weren't just a cluster of guys lying on each other.

Hellsvacancy1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

I had a similar run on the Giants Of Karelia map, from about 500m away, this squad of snipers kept spawning on each other for me just to head shot them over and over, I must of got about 9 kills before a quad bike ran me over

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