Star Wars Battlefront Official Dev Diary #1

The first development diary for DICE Star Wars: Battlefront! Including new footage from all 4 planets & a possible in-game screenshot of splitscreen!

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Dioxinis1185d ago

-sigh- this is gonna be the order 1886 all over again

all flash and no substance

Spinal1185d ago

No. This is Dice a proven dev at multiplayer games. Not ready at dawn who had only made psp ports up until the order.

But I agree with the 'sigh....' they need to stop with this bull and show gameplay.

I hate the Star Wars hype it's just way over the top.

Dioxinis1185d ago

Everything they have shown so far shows that they value detail and graphics over gameplay

HammadTheBeast1185d ago

How so? They haven't shown any gameplay.

starchild1185d ago

How do you know? It sounds pretty cool to me.

3-4-51185d ago

Can't wait to play this.

Been waiting for a new good shooter to get into and the past few in 2013,2014 haven't really been that great.....

So the potential to get that + have it be Star Wars is awesome.

* We get to play the best representation of battles in a Star Wars game ever from the original trilogy, and then we will get to play games based on the new movies as well.

Not sure how you all can complain, unless you just want people to think badly about stuff, because you do.

* It's Star Wars......just be happy we are getting anything at all.

What happen to people appreciating things ?

How spoiled are some of you ?

I'm guessing some of you were never told " No! " before.

Dioxinis1185d ago

No Because fans of the battlefront series have been waiting 10 years for this and now they are cutting features from the previous game and have yet to show off anything better than the game pandemic previewed in PREALPHA years ago.

best representation? how is NO space combat the best representation considering the climax of both the first and third movies take place in SPACE destroying the deathstar

all they have shown is that they can have pretty models

no clone wars content means less overall heroes and vehicles as well as maps

this is NOT the successor we deserve and have been waiting for

take a look at that. THAT WAS 7 years ago and they cant offer a FRACTION of the content?

no dice is focusing too much on graphics and textures and leaving content to the wayside

sourav931185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Haha in that last sentence when you mentioned "No!", it made me think of the Vader "NOOOO!" from Revenge of the Sith XD

Godz Kastro1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Cool... I disagree I think this game is gonna be great. This might be the year I spring for a new tv and sound system!

JMaine5181185d ago

Question for those who have played previous Battlefront games. Were Jedi a type of kill streak bonus or were you able to use them at anytime. Also were Jedi OP compared to the troopers? I'm not sure if this game is going to be like that so I'm just wondering.

Godz Kastro1185d ago

I'm wondering the same. Dude, I caant wait for e3!

Dioxinis1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Yea basically you earned points for kills and after acruing 25 points total ( not in one life) the game afforded you an opportunity to play as a hero (usually dependent on the map sometimes jedi sometimes han solo or leia (and visaversa for imperial) And yes they were much more powerful than your average troop they could move really fast and killed most things with a swing of the saber and could force push and pull (leia and han usualy had a very powerful blaster combined with a few nice utility abilites or interesting secondary weapons to give them the edge) only 1 hero could be out at once and in the case of the jedi they had a life bar that depleeted as you used them and could be filled slightly by killing people. It wasnt impossible to take them down but you needed heavy weaponry.

edit: I remember reading somewhere that they are pickups on the map... i don't like that it just encourages rushing and camping instead of rewarding strong players

also the points could be gained by doing objectives as well

JMaine5181185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Ok thanks that explains a lot. I hope this game is similar to that because that doesn't sound bad to me.

Majin-vegeta1185d ago

No you had to earn a certain amount of points to be able to use a hero.What balanced it out.Was in order to keep using the character you had to keep killing people to keep up your health.If you werent killin anyone your health would keep dropping until you would die.

Majin-vegeta1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Woah did they just confirm split screen??:O

@Below Really???I must have missed it.

Allsystemgamer1185d ago

It was confirmed when they reward the first trailer.

OUROSMAG1185d ago

So I have a hunch.. Battle of Jakku is going to tie in with Episode 7. and on the panel they revealed that the DLC will explain what happened to the Star destroyer in the trailer. Battle of Jakku could introduce space combat into Battlefront, and for free.

Allsystemgamer1185d ago

Well the battle of jakku was a ground assault by the rebels on a secret remote imperial base. It does tie into the movie that's already been confirmed.

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