G4 Floor Report: Fable 2

Alison Haislip is on the E3 floor, talking with Peter Molyneux about the upcoming RPG 'Fable 2' for the Xbox 360.

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grifter0243778d ago

Ehh....I had high hopes for the Fable franchise back in 2001 when it was called "Project EGO," An believe me I would read the preview probably EVERY night.... But when I got the game in my hands and played it I was severly severly dissapointed. I was expecting so much from this game hell I thought it was a Elder Scrolls Killer but alas all I got was a LINEAR action game that was mediocre at best and BARELY any replay value.

I know from experience that someone on this site will say
"Well it's not like they care about 1 person," Which I can just say yes they do since they need ME to buy the game to turn a null point.

Lionhead lost a fan when "Project EGO," Turned into "Fable." It was a sad day when Fable didnt live up to the hype.

ThatCanadianGuy3778d ago

Looks and sounds like a great game