How YouTube is Changing Gaming forever

After all the fights over copyright infringement fell away, one of the greatest forces in gaming today emerged, and YouTube became dominated by gamers more popular than the biggest music acts. What does it mean for the future of gaming and how is the industry adapting?

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DefenderOfDoom21182d ago

No, Pewdiepie is a entertainer . People know what games they like or do not like using their brain.

Tankbusta401182d ago

Thank God I still don't care about youtube personalities

wck1182d ago

Lol people think TotalBiscuit is the most influential person in gaming media.

kneon1182d ago

Never heard of him. But then the only thing I watch on YouTube are trailers.

MasterCornholio1181d ago

He's the guy who makes all those WTF videos. They are a great way to show off a game. I love them.

kneon1181d ago

Still no idea who you're talking about

dcj05241182d ago

YouTube as a consumer helps my purchasing descions.

MasterCornholio1181d ago

Mine as well. Plus streaming helps a lot as well.

Agent_hitman1182d ago

Well YT was and until now the main responsible for higher sales and popularity of certain games/software. *ehem Minecraft *ehem

Because of YT, Developers and Publisher are able to market their games for free, or even make sponsorship deal in some Yt channel for Let's play videos to make more awareness of their products, which in my opinion is great for the gaming industry as a whole.

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