343 Industries, and Being Angry For The Right Reasons

Miami Sprites' Matthew Oldham takes a look at 343 Industries' Halo: Master Chief Collection, the promises they made at announcement, and how they are still fixing their product 5 months after launch.

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Automatic791033d ago

After reading this article I realized this guy has no clue what he is talking about. I literally just got off playing both multiplayer and campaign and the game works fine. The Arthur is overly dramatic. I know the game had issues in the beginning but to sit there and say they are still present sounds like he is stretching the truth to get clicks.

Nirvana315911033d ago

Actually it does have issues still. It's not unplayable but it still has issues

OpieWinston1033d ago

Nirvana..... We know you don't own an X1.... You haven't played MCC, just stop.

donthate1033d ago

I don't see any issues, but there certainly was some issues at launch.

That said, Halo:MCC is the best value on console gaming since the Orange Box and for the forseeable future. I can only hope for a Gears of War: Collection!

Crossing my fingers!!!

deadpoolio3161033d ago

Uh Yeah NO...The AUTHOR is not being overly dramatic there is NO excuse that they released a game which stayed broken for 6 months after release...There is no excuse that they were actually dumb enough to talk out loud about having betas for MCC patches.....The game should have NEVER been released in that state PERIOD, FACT and there are NO valid excuses that they did it, and it being fixed now doesn't make it OK

Automatic791033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )


The reason I know you never played Halo and are commenting nonsense is because of your response I quote "stayed broken for 6 months after release" really the game came out in November and was fixed in less time.(It April which approximately makes it 5 months now, where do you get six months) I also admitted to the issues the game had in the beginning. I for one am glad they fixed it and also offered gamers a few incentives more then I can say for all the companies out there with broken games that promised and still haven't delivered. So go ahead hate keep pushing your false agenda we gamers see right through you trolls.

SpritesMatt1231033d ago

Author here:

Whilst I admit that for a majority of the player population the game functions well, there are a significant minority of players for whom it doesn't work well (myself included).

Furthermore, ranks still haven't been added to any playlist besides the one which featured ranks at launch, and there are still issues with Halo 3 (this much is clear from what 343i hope to address in the upcoming April patch).

The game is a lot better than it was, but it still isn't what was promised.

Death1033d ago

"significant minority" lol.

That's like saying there is a huge small amount of players. I would imagine you were going after "important" minority of players when choosing the word significant, but it simply comes off as dramatic and discredits your position.

Dannyh1033d ago

Did you call Microsoft and have them check your online. I had a problem with destiny and t was because my nat had to be fixe

The-Marb1033d ago

Is it good enough that it took so long to fix? No.

Is The MCC a good value collection of great games with bags of content which now works absolutely fine? Yes, yes and yes.

Put it this way, if I had lived in cave and just bought this game, i would wonder what all the fuss is about it being broken as it works now.

It is worth buying and it will keep you occupied or ages.

But yes the early mistakes cant be forgotten.

DougLord1033d ago

I think the only people effected were ones that didn't want to play the campaigns and wanted to jump straight to MP. That and a lot of people on N4G that don't even have a Xone seem to have been DEVASTATED by it.

Playing through 4 campaigns would take weeks for anyone that has a job, goes to school, has a family or friends. By the time you finished the campaigns, things were fixed. And you get ODST for free as an apology. Who else has ever given gamers a better apology?

Sorry this is one of the greatest value packages in the history of video games. Halo 1,2 and 3 are considered some of the greatest video games ever made by fans and critics. Halo 4 is also a 80+ meta.

marlinfan101033d ago

To be fair, a lot of us bought it for the MP. I've played through all 4 campaigns, some multiple times, and just wanted to get back to the great competitive gameplay it provides. It is working great now though, the only thing I can still complain about is the rankings which are supposed to be coming very soon

spicelicka1033d ago

Wtf is this crap, it works great for me. I play it every few days and will be playing for years to come. The amount content in this game is endless.

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