Disney Infinity 2.0 For Vita To Be Gamestop Exclusive?

According to GameStop's website the Disney Infinity 2.0 Vita starter pack is going to be an exclusive.

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ruefrak1186d ago

I seriously hope this isn't true. I'm not a fan of shopping at Gamestop, but I guess I'll have to put my feelings aside to get it. Infinity on my Vita is all too perfect.

slinky1234561186d ago

Gamestop has had a couple exclusive Vita stuff. Like Tales of Hearts R. They see the potential of the Vita, Sony somehow doesn't anymore.

Beetey1186d ago

I'll get the game at Gamestop I guess, but any additional characters or playsets will be bought at Walmart (way cheaper).

ruefrak1185d ago

I've found Walmart to be too expensive. Amazon usually has the best prices, and Target puts them on sale quite a bit.

InahimeHondaSengoku1186d ago

I wonder if they have online multiplayer as far as the console versions...