Could 2015 be the year the Xbox One strikes back?

The Xbox One didn't have a great start, to put it kindly.
Fans and critics savaged the system when the initial feature set was announced. Microsoft reversed course so many times, it gave gamers whiplash. By the time the company had settled on a steady course, Sony's PlayStation 4 had developed a commanding lead in the U.S.

Microsoft has clawed its way back, though, and thanks to a few timely delays, competitive pricing, and some smart maneuvering, 2015 could well be the year that the Xbox One becomes the industry's top-selling console.

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ThinkThink1216d ago

I think we should wait to see what E3 brings from both parties but I agree, this year is looking very strong for Microsoft.

the_dark_one1216d ago

so did last year, but ya E3 is going to be very important to both

DanzoSAMA1216d ago

can't wait E3 to see: AAA games

Gears of war 4
HALO 5 Guardians
Quantum break
Tomb Raider
Forza Motorsport 6
Killer Instinct Season 3
Halo 3: ODST remastered
Fable Legends
Rare new game
HALO Wars 2
1 or 2 new ip

johndoe112111216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


Why do you xbox one supporters always refer to Killer Instinct DLC as a separate game??? The damn thing isn't even standalone dlc, it's just additional characters. I've never seen any other fanbase do that ever.

remixx1161216d ago

No I've see Nintendo guys do it to, one guy tried to use Nintendo Mario kart dlc review scores as part of a list of games with high scores.

Still a reason to buy a Wii u I guess.

NuggetsOfGod1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


Heres the thing...

You list all those exclusives and got mostly disagrees.

The guy below you said don't mention dlc as a title and gets many cookies.

Then the discussion is now focused on that one thing you listed while the list of great looking exclusives from credible devs is ignored.

Safe to say it's mostly xbox gamers here /s

But yes dlc should not count.

Why o why1216d ago

I'm not sure the majority of the year is somehow made null and void by the last couple months of the year. For me, consistency wins. Why should we settle for holiday pushes only. Bloody joke mate

Mikefizzled1216d ago

I don't care if its dlc. Killer Instinct is brilliant and still one of my go to games a year and a half after it first launched.

XisThatKid1216d ago

I see Sony at E3 being kinda weak this year. MS should be able to gain much ground this year as well

Stiffler1216d ago


So out of the 12 games he lists, you make a fuss about one being DLC? Not only that, but you get 3:1 upvoted for doing so?

This site...Bloody amazing...

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lelo2play1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

"Could 2015 be the year the Xbox One strikes back?"

So far, no. First half of 2015 X1 has no exclusives. Microsoft really needed a couple of exclusives in these first 6 months... bad planning. Looks like they learned their lesson, since Quantum Break will release in the first half of 2016.

As for the 2nd half 2015, it looks good for the X1, with exclusives like: Halo, Forza, Tomb Raider (timed), and probably a few more.

Microsoft need to spread their exclusives throughout the year.

maybelovehate1216d ago

My favorite game this year so far is Ori. Imagine it will be on many GOTY lists. They should have spent more advertising it though.

nicksetzer11216d ago

Ori screamride and state of decay year one edition are all first party first half exclusives ....

darren_poolies1216d ago


Ori is on PC

_-EDMIX-_1216d ago

@Maybelovehate- not mine. Was a good game, but would never say its my favorite game this year, that is legit a joke.

....played it on PC, I don't even own an XONE. The sincere lolz.

ThinkThink1216d ago

Microsoft should do what sony did and delay most of their 2014 holiday lineup and spread it out the following year like they did with the order and bloodborne. MS has too many titles lined up for holiday 2015.

star_lancer1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Ori is a Microsoft exclusive (Xbox & Windows) just like MLB is a Sony exclusive, even if it's on multiple platforms.

I enjoyed high profile PS4 "exclusives" like MLB & Little Big Planet 3 despite not owning a PS4. Lolz right back.

KiwiViper851216d ago

This is only an issue because Sony had a few Christmas games delayed. Huh?

remixx1161216d ago

No need to lie think think, Sony only delayed the order for 2015 , bloodborne got delayed from Feb to march dude, it was always a 2015 release.

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LackTrue4K1216d ago ShowReplies(1)
DEEBO1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Really because i haven't brought a AAA for my xbox since 2015 started.

The PS4 plays the multiplatform better and drop some sony only titles.

Ori is all that came out for the xbox.

Just calling out games is useless to me i want to play them this year.

I guess it will start with forza again then tomb raider with halo to end the year but what about right now?

ThinkThink1216d ago

You have the best of both worlds . Xbox for the holiday's when sony's games are slim pickings and PS4 during the xbox summer drought. You are lucky my friend.

Spotie1216d ago

You mean the Xbox rest of the year drought?

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Bennibop1216d ago

We are already nearly 5 months in to 2015 and nothing has happened so far! Clump all your big releases in the last few months of the year is not the best plan I have had nothing new to play since halo mcc launch (which was a disaster anyway!)

Stiffler1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Gonna get flamed here but here goes it...

Your crowd (the Sony crowd) has been going on about MS clumping their exclusives into the final months of the year -- Fair enough, that's true and that's honestly how it has been for many years. Yet you guys fail to mention that Sony has clumped their only exclusives into the first months of the year.

We don't see anyone talking about Sony being dry for the final 6 months. Why's that I wonder? Serious question, not hating.

What AAA exclusives does Sony have from now through December?
E: Special spelling

thanhgee1216d ago

Uh... They released LBP3, driveclub and then I think Infamous last light during the end of 2014? And from now till Dec they should have ratchet & clank, tearaway unfolded, persona 5 and until dawn. Maybe a few surprise announcements for late this year at E3? Who knows

gangsta_red1216d ago


LBP3 is the equivalent of Screamride, no one was tearing down the doors when talking about LBP3. Not to mention it was also released on PS3.

Driveclub was the only game released (broken might I add) early last year after your launch games. The Order and Bloodborne were both delayed to the beginning of this year. If Sony would have not done that you all would be just as supposedly dry as the Xbox is.

Infamous last light so a stand alone expansion counts? Can we also count the Fast and Furious expansion for Horizon 2 then?

As for you other three games...those don't seem like big time sellers worth getting all excited for besides Persona 5 which will also be on PS3.

Septic1216d ago

Wow didn't think of it like that. Well friggin said!

Bennibop1214d ago

Until dawn, drawn to death, persona 5, God of war 3, tearaway, no man's sky, kill strain plus whatever is announced at e3. Plus 3rd party exclusive. My crowd is the gamer crowd I own all 3 new gen consoles my live account is benni_bop if you want to check. What I am saying is true Sony has staggered it's releases Microsoft has not.

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Eonjay1216d ago

I read the article, but I don't feel that the author put the term "Strikes Back" into context. In other words, what does strike back mean in this situation. Does it mean that the Xbox One continues to sell well, or does it mean that the Xbox One actually matches the sales of the PS4? Does strike back merely mean selling more in the US during the holidays? Or does it mean making up substantial ground in the huge deficit?

I feel that the article is too safe and only points out things we already know without giving an opinion on what he believes will happen.

Eonjay1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Nevermind, I was wrong:

"2015 could well be the year that the Xbox One becomes the industry's top-selling console."

Somehow I missed that in my first read through. Well, I think the Xbox One is like 10 million+ behind the PS4, so its a hell of a tall order. It sold seven about 7 million last year so it has to sell more this year and outsell the PS4 by 10 million units on top of what the PS4 sells?

I can't come up with a scenario where that is possible. I could argue in favor of Xbox One in the US... but not the whole world.

holysmokesbatman1216d ago

As an xbox owner I'm comfortable with MS lagging behind in sales, it seems to have given them a little kick in the back side and they seem to be really pushing on all fronts.
Trying 100x harder than they did at the end of the 360 lifecycle.

TheCommentator1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I think the author means on a month by month basis, not total sales. Personally, I see this as possible in about 12 months, after the holidays prove the XB1 is serious about their commitment to games/gamers.

@bennibop #2

Is it better to have no 1st party lineup for Holiday?

MasterCornholio1216d ago


"Is it better to have no 1st party lineup for Holiday?"

Now that's just trolling.


PS4 has first party games at the end of this year and you know it.

Why o why1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Holysmoke is right in my opinion. . I said the same thing earlier. Ms being behind should motivate them to do more and not take the pi$$ out of their fanbase like they did with the 360. . Glad some 360 fans can admit it.

@the commentator.

C'mon now. Why wouldn't you comprehend it as games throughout the year NOT just the holidays. . . .

Pogmathoin1216d ago Show
TheCommentator1216d ago

@Mastercornholio & Why o why

You misunderstand. I never mentioned Sony at all in my post. I was alluding to the fact that MS is better off waiting until holiday to release their games to give their holiday more impact. Bennibop was right about a gaming drought, but I think MS has a business plan. You know that 50% of all revenue is generated in the last 3 months of the year? Couple that with Win10 and DX12 and this holiday could be huge for MS.

Sorry, I was honestly not trolling at all but I can see why you may have taken it that way. I should have been clearer in my post.

Eonjay1216d ago


Fair enough.

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Letthewookiewin1216d ago

The PS4 would literally have to vanish from existence for the X1 to "Strike Back". Sorry to be the reality bearer around here. I actually bought an X1 in March so I could play the all the Halo's again and I like the system. Don't hate the Box, but this article is nonsensical.

RiPPn1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

If you're not the most powerful machine on the market you have to make up for that disparity with exclusives.

Since Microsoft released Halo Master Chief Collection on November 11th 2014 they have released one retail exclusive, Screamride, a $40 budget game. And until Halo 5 comes out on October 27th there is only 1 other retail game slated for release and that is State of Decay, another budget release. That is nearly 1 year with just 2 retail releases.

Sorry Xbox fans, that isn't going to get it done and that is why the PS4 outsold the Xbox by 100k in the US on the March NPD and is getting outsold by more than double everywhere else and that isn't changing anytime soon if ever this generation.

star_lancer1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Fortunately, Xbox gamers aren't like you. They don't say "Hmm, this game is download only - not a retail game. Therefore, it's not even worth looking at". Nor do they say "This game is only $40 so I'll completely ignore it". There are many so-called "budget" games that are better than overhyped AAA releases.

Dismissing numerous games because they're not on disc, or because they're only $40, screams of bias. A quality game is a quality game, regardless of whether it's on a disc or a download, and Xbox owners have had numerous good games to play over the past six months.

Utalkin2me1216d ago

Well name some "numerous" exclusive good games then over the past 5 months.

Kemo_Spear1216d ago

@star_lancer How soon you forget that the Xbox community was claiming that indy games do not count as real games. Did you forget the crys of "Indystation" from the Xbox nation?
Your statement of "Dismissing numerous games because they're not on disc, or because they're only $40, screams of bias." is exactly what the Xbox community is guilty of.

Skankinruby1216d ago

Lol oh the irony. Do a little homework before making silly comments like that. Insulting nicknames such as 'indiestation' come to mind when thinking about the desperate arrogance Microsoft loyalists try to have in any feeble effort to undermine the ps4s dominance. Because when it comes to depth, diversity, quality, and new titles Nintendo and Microsoft dont even come close.

Pogmathoin1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Yet all you site endorsed Sony fans hammered Xbox over the lack on Indie support.... Now they have gotten many Indie titles onboard and are encouraging much more, and yet you still hammer Xbox for only having indies.... Which is it...??? I like the odd exclusive, but its not the be all, end all.... Not every exclusive is AAA, nor worth your money, but people act like its everything in life....

Microsoft loyalists? Thats like saying fanboy... Ohhh, its this site, acceptable if about MS.

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700p1216d ago

I think you forgot all those other games coming out this year.... lol

Rimeskeem1216d ago

Well if you count ALL the other games...

StrawberryDiesel4201216d ago

LOL this man speaks the truth, deal with it.