Project CARS - Screenshots From Final Build Look Gorgeous

Project CARS has already gone Gold and WMD members gained access to the final version of the game. Reddit’s “darkdeus“, shared a number of screenshots from it.

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Maddens Raiders1069d ago

I don't even want to look anymore. Just give it to us naowwwww.....

Moldiver1069d ago

I cant wait to play this game! :)

DarXyde1068d ago

Looking great! I'm assuming this is the PC version being shown...?

BoriboyShoGUN1068d ago

Yeah I love my PS4 but that has high-end PC written all over it!!!!

gameboy11068d ago

Yes they are doing everything possible since that bad framerate issue and lots of graphic downgrades this is pc...

Dee_911068d ago

yea, I don't think they gave out console versions to their members.This just another and final pc build.

LamerTamer1068d ago

Of course it is PC. We will be lucky if the PS5 and X2 can look that good.

iCaruth1068d ago

Damn it looks sick... Very nice indeed. I hope its not as boring as DriveClub.

kraenk121068d ago

If you find DC boring prepare to be disappointed.

ps4fanboy1068d ago ShowReplies(2)
Lamboomington1068d ago

Don't do that, it ruins the rest of your comment.

medman1068d ago

You obviously never played DriveClub...stop your nonsense.

Bobby Kotex1068d ago Show
Dee_911068d ago

hi, i like to play games i'm not into and call them boring on the internet too!

mad-dog1068d ago

It's probably a game where you drive virtual cars in circles on virtual laps that you have circled for many times before, without a real sense of speed and without the adrenaline of real driving.

1nsomniac1068d ago

You should no better than to make opinionated comments in a negative nature on this site.

You then leave all the ladies to get together & stir up a handbag session. That we have to end up dealing with after you've left :-(

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Pikminmaniac1068d ago

It does look gorgeous. However I don't really know what this game is about besides just another racer or what it brings different to the genre. I really want a racer, but don't know if I should get this, driveclub, or wait for GT 7 if it comes out next year.

audiophile1011068d ago

Depends on if you want no go for a simulation based game or arcade style. This will be be entirely different from driveclub

Pikminmaniac1068d ago

More or less a competitive racer and also can mess around and wreck a ton of cars with realistic damage.

livedeht1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

@ pikmin, ck out my uploads..Time trials: ....please subscribe or like :-D

u4one1068d ago

DC is pretty dumbed down and simple in terms of physics and gameplay. probably less frustrating as a racer if you don't want to get into the mechanics of racing and just wanna have a go with friends casually. PCars will be a lot more realistic and in depth with lots of tuning and real world laser scanned tracks so its more true to the actual real life sport... and also way more difficult to actually drive. ultimately it depends on how much commitment and effort you want to put into it :)

Tiqila1068d ago

you can put a lot of commitment and effort into less realistic racing games too ((mario kart))

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The story is too old to be commented.