PDP Mortal Kombat X gamepad for Xbox 360/Xbox One Review (Theouterhaven)

The Outerhaven writes:

Ever since the news broke that PDP was in fact working on a gamepad that would be licensed for Mortal Kombat X, I was curious about it. While PDP isn’t always the first name to be mentioned when people talk about gamepads and joysticks for consoles and PCs, they still end up making quality products that have the knack for getting passed over.

So when I reached out to PDP to get some more information about the controller, I was surprised when they mentioned that they would send over a review sample of the gamepad. My initial reaction was two-fold; Would the controller be any good and why would anyone want this controller. However once I got my hands on the gamepad and put it through the paces, I was happy to see that not only were my questions answered but I also found a new controller to use with my fighting games.

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Stiffler1184d ago

I still do want to get one to try eventually. Though, the build quality has been shouted as being quite poor (clunky feeling, cheap plastic) which is a tad disappointing.

Nevertheless, good review and I'm still keen on getting one for my fighters. Good read.