Rebellion release new patch for Zombie Army Trilogy, game can now be completed

Rebellion have today released a new patch for Zombie Army Trilogy.

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Majin-vegeta947d ago

Still waiting on that physical release for NA

Monolith947d ago

Buy it digital, its awesome. Or wait till cheaper. I recommend though pho real

DLConspiracy947d ago

I am assuming this was not an issue on PC? Or did they patch there as well?

I think this is far better than COD zombies. Just wish more people would play it.

TheJacksonRGN947d ago

The game could always be completed.

Palitera947d ago

Remember this website and notice the next time you see a ridiculously childish click bait headline. There is a good chance it will be this site again.

Add it to the adblock black site and don't click it. Very soon this stupidity will die. It is probably the worst gaming site ever posted here. And it says a lot.