A Semi-Useful Guide to Eating and Gaming

The union of two of life’s greatest activities, eating and gaming, is a special event that still must be handled with responsibility and thoughtful care, but one that also requires a certain level of finesse.

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Agent_hitman1186d ago

That thumbnail tho... That was so memorable TV ad.

wakeNbake1186d ago

I hate getting pizza grease on my thumbsticks though.

Ripsta7th1186d ago

Smoking W, eating and gaming

pivotplease1186d ago

Slow news days. Loving the title though. Semi-useful guide lol.

Genova841186d ago

Semi-useful for sure. I'd add "hit pause" to the list. Then you can eat anything you want and continue gaming after!

While reading this, all i could think about was the WOW episode of south park and my own experience with that game. When the game first launched I have several steak and cheese subs with mountain dew "late nights". I gained like 20 lbs in 3 months. Haven't played the gane sense. I've got an addictive personality and if I kept playing I probably would've ended up like one of those poor few who died from playing 50-70 hours straight ...

So, "hit pause" unless you're playing a souls game or resident evil 4. "This ain't no cut scene! You don't have time to sm*ke a bowl! PRESS A! PRESS A!"