Introducing the Alan Wake 2 you will never play

Alan Wake 2: For a passionate, perhaps not big enough, fanbase, just hearing the name of that title can't help but kickstart a jolt of excitement.

In 2010, the original Alan Wake, published by Microsoft, hit the Xbox 360. It showed that episodic gaming could be compelling when released as a package, that narrative was important in games, and that violence and gore aren't the only way to scare in an interactive experience.

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Mikefizzled1156d ago

This needs to happen. Right after Quantum Break...

micx1156d ago

The article really gives some nice insight in the canned Ala Wake 2. Such a shame it was never realised, but I hope we'll get to play it someday.

christocolus1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

I think Phil will greenlight AW2 once QB is released. there's been some interest lately. That game needs a sequel.

"Eventually, it arrived once more at Microsoft.

"They have been really supportive about Alan Wake and [now head of Xbox] Phil Spencer has been awesomely supportive when it comes to Remedy and Alan Wake along the way," Lake said. "We showed it to Microsoft and I guess at the time Microsoft was looking for something slightly different for their portfolio.

"Quite quickly our discussion about Alan Wake 2 turned into something else and that something else turned into Quantum Break, which was great and very exciting."

SlapHappyJesus1156d ago

I really do need more Alan Wake in my life. Make it happen, Phil. Make it happen.

WizzroSupreme1156d ago

Man, I'm crying. This ruined my whole day. Man, this sucks. We need Alan Wake 2, Microsoft. We need it now!

1156d ago
ScorpiusX1156d ago

MS needs to cement this relationship with Remedy permanently .....

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The story is too old to be commented.