The Order: 1886 is £19.95. It gets better the cheaper it gets

The Order: 1886 was a bit of a letdown, which is why you're seeing it for under £20 already. This deal is a bit of a corker too as it's £8 cheaper than the next best price.

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nucky641188d ago

I guess dealspawn isn't aware that game prices drop after they've been out a few months....even "popular" games. I bought BO1 and 2 three or four months afer launch.

nucky641188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

don't know what happened to my initial post - part of it is gone??
the end should be : I bought BO1 and 2 for 25 dollars, three or four months after launch.

sorry - don't know what caused that part to be deleted.

Magicite1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I got this game from friend yesterday and played all night. Its pretty great and visuals are on par with top-tier PC games.
Im playing it on hard and it can get challenging at times.
I understand complains coming from people who bought this game for 60$ or euros, but once You get it for cheap, you can see how good the game is.
Value is an important factor.

spacedelete1188d ago

still not worth it. i will wait until its free on PS Plus which shouldn't be too long. it will take me longer to download than play and finish. to think people actually paid full price for this.

OrangePowerz1188d ago

Your internet must be slow if you take over 10 hours to download a game. You should get a better connection given that more and more stuff get's digital.

Svinya1187d ago

This is a 6 hour game. Barely.

OrangePowerz1187d ago

Took me around 10 hours playing normal without rushing. If you are focused on finishing quickly instead of taking in games that's your problem.

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F0XHOUND1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

You must own an Xbox one tbh and are just trolling. Why would you not play a game "on your ps4" that's a blast to play? 6-10 hours of entertainment, if you don't like its style and way if presenting a "game"... which it absolutely is... then sure, ignore it. But commenting on its length is silly. Many, many games are sub 10 hours with less hate than this.

The sequel will address this issue, it sold well, looks great and will surely be a flagship Sony title imo.

gamerfan09091188d ago

Lol if this game is a blast to play then Duke Nukem is a blast to play.Dude cut the bullcrap. The game both user wise and critically is panned. Check every review website and the users and critics are unanimous.

OrangePowerz1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

So people can have only a blast playing a game if "critics" and "users" say so? You are talking here about the internet that's full of people saying they didn't enjoy a game without really playing it. Like all those "users" who didn't touch a CoD game since many years but whenever a new one is released they say how much it sucks?

I'm not saying The Order doesn't have issues, but believe it or not there are actually people who enjoyed the game a lot. I know it's mind blowing.

kraenk121187d ago


Funny that you mention user critics, when both on Amazon and Metacritic user critics are 3/4 positive about the game. Quit your trolling, it's sad and poor.

kraenk121188d ago

At this price the game is a 9/10 for me. You must be a pretty cheap bastard or just trolling. The game is really good.

AudioEppa1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Let me guess, you like bloodborne huh?

PrinterMan1187d ago

I am one who paid full price and I certainly don't regret it. It's among my favorite games of the year.

Bathyj1187d ago

We get it. You dont like The Order. Though since you havent played it and troll PS4 all the time, I'll take your opinion with a grain of salt which is substantially less salt than you keep offering up.

Truth is you wouldnt take this game if it was free (your loss) just like I wouldnt give you a coke if you were having a diabetic fit. It been ages, time for you to move on under a different bridge.

Paid for price, dont regret it. I've had full time employment for 25 years and I'll spend my money how and when I like.

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Acquiescence1188d ago

*insert obvious joke about waiting for it to drop to £18.86 before biting here*

Kurisu1188d ago

Should have launched at that price! I kid, of course :) But as someone who did buy this day one (despite the pre warnings) I do wish I had waited.

Edward751188d ago

This is one of those games that I wanted to be great. It was very good, but just for the small amount of time I had to put in it. That metal gear solid "demo" had more replay -ability than the order.

This great short game should've came out at $29.99

Yes, it was fun, yes it was even to some great....

But at $60.00. It was a rip off.

Bathyj1187d ago

Different types of games. Of course MGS has more replayability by the very nature of the game. If youre talking about the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, I played that for more hours that then many games, including Metal Gear Solid 2.

But since you mentioned it, I payed for a full price game (Z.O.E) just to get that demo and I didnt regret that. Value is subjective, and up to each person to work out if something is worth it or not.

XanderZane1187d ago

Yeah I agree. I probably would have gotten it if it was released at $20. I ended up moving my funds over to Bloodborne instead and got that. Haven't been disappointed yet. Now I'm waiting for Witcher 3, Batman and SW: Battlfront.

DougLord1188d ago

If this had launched at $20 it would be a 90+ rated game. Only real problem was gameplay to value. Ori is $20. Of it was $60 I ne b en would have bought it. When I get my PS4 for BB, I will probably gran The Order and iSS used.

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