Four Most Anticipated Features of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hardcore Gamer: "With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt only a month away, I couldn’t be more excited. So far, developer CD Projekt Red has revealed a plethora of new features that will be added to the third installment, but here are a few features that I am most anticipating:"

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Pikminmaniac1187d ago

Pretty neat on the beard growth!
I'm most excited about the ecosystems changing by your actions. This game should deliver a great immerse gaming experience.

Pikminmaniac1187d ago

I'm not a PC gamer so I won't experience them firsthand, but I do love to see what people can create.

Khajiit861187d ago

Its amazing what they do. Im like a little kid at the candy store when I start adding mods to my games.

1187d ago
NoctisPendragon1187d ago

I like the moon cycle thing .

ValKilmer1187d ago

Personally, I'm excited to play as a female. As much as I love Geralt, I'd much rather spend my days following Ciri around.

ArchangelMike1187d ago

For me it has to be the multi-threaded and variable story. It means that I'll be back again and again to make fresh choices, and see completely different endings. In The Witcher 2, I loved the way that the Iorveth path was totally and completely different to the Vernon Roach path.

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