Project CARS Using 7th Core of Xbox One's CPU To Offload Tasks, Game Utilizing AMD's EQAA

Some technical details on the upcoming racer.

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KionicWarlord222912d ago

"The game on the Xbox One will be utilizing AMD’s EQAA (Enhanced Quality Anti Aliasing) with 8 fragments and 4 samples, which is equivalent to MSAA 4x on PC."

This is pretty crazy. They get the performance of 4x msaa and its still suppose to be 60 fps?


GMR_PR912d ago

Yeah but the game still at 900p i think.


900p with 4xMSAA is 100% acceptable!

912d ago
VealParmHero912d ago

@gutzandpapercuts: i couldnt agree more...totally acceptable. forget the resolution. its not that it wont make any difference, but it shouldnt make the game inferior in any major way. to be able to achieve what they are doing and still hit 900/60 to me is a sign of how devs are already starting to tackle the hardware.

Honestly, I want dynamic lighting and weather in Forza 6, and if they can pull it off while still getting 60 frames but at the cost of 900p, i'll take it. then again, forza 6 is on one platform, so who knows. maybe theyll surprise us.

NuggetsOfGod911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

So xbox devs are already using all cores efficiently but one?

Can't wait for dx12 on pc!

Guess dc projekt were right. I can see why dx12 won't make Xbox games 1080p.

Obviously devs are using cores efficiently.

Pc will get what xbox has now. Accept it will matter more with my gtx970.

gfk342911d ago

Yes you're right. Despite the fact that X1 is maxed out it's outperformed by PS4 in both resolution and frame-rate.

And to think that the PS4 beats X1 with only 6 CPU cores. I really think now that the PS4 CPU frequency can be raised higher than 1.6 MHz.

I wonder what could have been achieved when the PS4 is maxed out (e.g. using an additional CPU core like X1; maxing the frequency of the CPU etc.)

gfk342911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

Yes you're right. Despite the fact that X1 is maxed out it's outperformed by PS4 in both resolution and frame-rate.

And to think that the PS4 beats X1 with only 6 CPU cores. I really think now that the PS4 CPU frequency can be raised higher than 1.6 MHz.

I wonder what could have been achieved when the PS4 is maxed out (e.g. using an additional CPU core like X1; maxing the CPU frequency etc)

Edit: Had an issue with my tablet. Sorry for double posting.

GenuineGamer911d ago


I see what u saying but doesn't ps4 gnm api already have better multicore cpu command utilization and some other features that xb1 has yet to get?

Brad wardell said quite a few features xb1 is getting with dx12 for devs gnm already does anyway.

Without xbo using dx12 Ps4 has the advantage regardless of xbox ones cpu being physically stronger.

DarXyde911d ago

60fps though, unless I'm mistaken.

For the game to look as good as it does on both consoles and to run at 60fps? Can't ask for more.

It might just be me, but even though I'm getting this game for PlayStation 4, I really struggle to see the difference between 900p and 1080p.

Haru911d ago


Xbox cpu's has allready been overclocked the sdk and tools been updated and developers are using all the resources they can, while PS4 is still using the old sdk and some resources are still locked, if Sony unlocks the resources and put some more time and update the sdk maybe develope some better tools then the gap woul be too big for xbox to ever catch up again it will be 1080p/60 FPS vs 900p/30 FPS

GenuineGamer911d ago (Edited 911d ago )


What? Sorry but no. Xbox one is still limited by dx11. It was designed to go hand in hand with dx12 so to say they are using all the resources they can ever use is crazy.

Also xbox one and ps4 cpu are pretty much identical except xbox cpu is faster clock speed. 10gbps faster.

Ps4 is simply outperforming on this front due to gnm being more efficient than dx11.

I don't want to get dragged into a stupid blind biased fanboy war but facts are facts and xbox one has a handicap right now and its called dx11.

Edit, in the latest interview with Brad Wardell he said ps4 custom api gnm/gnmx is currently even more efficient than vulkan thats why sony wont be using it. He was told this by the horses mouth at gdc and any further improvements vulkan may bring they can update into gnm

GameNameFame911d ago

From Digital Foundry,

Still finding more aliasing and lower graphics on top of lower resolution.

"Speaking of visuals, the PS4 and Xbox One are divided by more than just resolution. Looking at matched shots, PS4 uses a superior grade of shadows than Xbox One that gives it smoother, more refined lines. By comparison, Microsoft's platform is limited to aliased lines of of shade, mostly noticed around the cockpit during clear, sunny weather. The difference is tricky to catch in most camera modes, but it's a Sony advantage that nevertheless helps Project Cars hold up during replays."

GMR_PR911d ago (Edited 911d ago )


From Digital Foundry:

"UPDATE: It's come to our attention that the build of Project Cars used as the basis for this article was not intended by the developer Slightly Mad Studios for technical analysis. We weren't aware of this, which was the unfortunate result of some miscommunication on our part with the game's publisher. It was an honest mistake and it is not our intention to misrepresent the game, so we've unpublished the videos that form the basis of the article.

We'll be able to bring you a full analysis of a more advanced build of the game in the coming weeks.

We'd like to apologise to our readers and to Slightly Mad Studios for this unintentional misrepresentation."

Elit3Nick911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

@GameNameFame The build that Digital Foundry was using for that was outdated, they even issued an apology after they were told that by Slightly Mad. I would expect to see it running much better after these optimisations.

Edit: GMR_PR beat me to the punch

GameNameFame911d ago


If thats the case, whats is the whole point of this article?

Funny you do not mention that at all.LOL

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BG11579911d ago

@GameNameFame, To point out that some developers don't need DX12 to max-out consoles.

For those that believe that CPU usage is going to use the 8th core, forget that. The 8th is always going to be used for system tasks (Like multitasking and others).

mikeslemonade911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

Hey gamers.. we are talking about a racing game.


A racing game, a game that is not gonna require that much to be 1080p and 60 frames to begin with. Racing games have been looking since Gran Turismo 3. Nothing special here. Fact!

And X1 hasn't done 1080p for any game that isn't a racing game, a fighter, or games on rails. Anything that need half way a decent system, the X1 has failed on.

910d ago
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hello12912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

Does PS4 have it too?

I know for a fact because of GTA5 PC MSAA is not good to frame rates if your GPU is weak. Its eats lot of the GGDR5 bandwidth my gtx970 has.

Eurogamer apologised to the devs recently for reviewing the game before it was finished.

Going by this the PS4 not using this now thats odd is it not?

8X Anisotropic filtering on both the PS4 and Xbox One

Even this is strange why not x16?

[email protected] Forza Horison used 4xMSAA i find it odd consoles can handle it

You turn it on you potentially could run into serious performance issues.

900p 60 frames 4xMSAA i take that over 1080p 60 frames any day.

Its strange PS4 is not using why? To maintain 1080p that fans what?

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Nekroo91912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

What 900p 60fps 4xMSAA? Go watch DigitalFoundry comparasion and tell me more about those high 20fps and on the X1 version when its raining and 40 with clear weather

Ive seen the video somewhere a few days ago
... Ah the video was taken down

Eonjay911d ago

The EQAA is equivalent to 4xMSAA.

It is not clear whether the PS4 is using standard MSAA or this alternative. It wouldn't be using both. Just one or the other.

If the PS4 is using regularly 4xMSAA, it will be interesting to compare the two methods.

Svinya911d ago

Nekroo - The video was taken down because the developers said it was an old X1 build and not representative of the final product, and therefore not suitable for a comparison with the PS4.

BG11579911d ago

It's funny how some people use Eurogamers apology to justify that Xbone's tested version wasn't definitive and shouldn't be taken account, but still manage to use, Eurogamers test of PS4's version of the game to criticise.
Both of the versions weren't final versions.

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christocolus912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

Is amazing to see this technique being used by a 3rd party dev. i'm kind of curious now and i need to see what Turn 10 does with Forza 6. i mean being 1st party should give them better access to tools and stuff.

gameboy1911d ago

It hits lows of 24fps mate ??

esemce911d ago

Except in the rain when the fps drops to 30.

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Tzuno911d ago

Microsoft always was king of software, yeah that's right this is about how to optimize really good software to work with the machine.

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gameseveryday912d ago

For clarity: The content in this article comes from two different comments from an SMS dev.

fr0sty912d ago

Quite interesting how they mention maxing out cores, but only on Xbox One... yet people love to claim Xbox One has the faster CPU.

It's either that PS4's is actually faster, or they were able to use the extra 50% more GPU cores to offload tasks to GPGPU processing.

MasterCornholio912d ago

That's a pretty interesting point that you are making.

sigfredod912d ago

yes is actually shocking, because most understand that the difference on resolution its due to the better gpu on the PS4, but all the extra effects on the night and rain (alpha effects etc) hit the CPU plus the full grid of cars, and even with the additional core the PS4 show better performance on the FPS, so either SMS used a lot of offload tasks on the GPU side, or the CPU´s on both connsoles are closer than we think

AutoCad911d ago

DX12 Will make the CPU even more faster..
Man i cannot wait for it to be the standard in video games next year..Frostbite engine will full dx12 features ..OMGGGG

GenuineGamer911d ago (Edited 911d ago )


Dx12 will not make the cpu or anything in xbox one faster.

It will bring new a new level of efficiency and allow the hardware to be used better thats all.

Ps4 gnm api already has quite a few features that xbox one will get with dx12.

This is a big reason ps4 gets better results in some areas even though xbox one has the faster cpu.

Dx11 is limiting xbox one plain and simple.


Thats great to read those improvements to fps they achieved in march. Quite significant actually.

Im looking foward to an analasys of the final build. Hopefully both versions achieve a locked 60.

frostypants911d ago

@sigfredod: "or the CPU´s on both connsoles are closer than we think"

Who doesn't think the CPUs are almost identical? They are...

gameboy1911d ago Show
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RiPPn912d ago ShowReplies(1)
WizzroSupreme912d ago

Project CARS is the best looking racing game I've ever seen. I am so hyped for this right now.

kraenk12911d ago

DriveClub is clearly better looking. I play both games

LifeInNZ911d ago

Maybe if youre playing both games on the PS4 but there is no denying that Cars on a high end PC is stunning!

I was not completely blown away by Driveclub's visuals...objects not showing up in side or rear view mirrors, rain effect on edges of windhshield and side windows were just a repeating animation. All in all its the best looking arcade racer thats even been on a console but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

plut0nash911d ago

DriveClub is indeed a great looking game. I didn't enjoy the game physics though.

modelgod911d ago

Don't get too hyped. Drivers club looks nice as well but FH2 blows that crap away. The order looks nice and that's a piece of crap.leave it up to Sony To deliver beautiful games that are straight garage. That's not the standard we want for OUR console(x1).

kraenk12911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

Haha you must be kidding. FH2 looks miles worse. It's a great game (so is DC these days) but visually no comparison to neither DC nor pCARS. The Order btw is a good game as well. By how your comment is written you clearly have a biased opinion (fanbboy) and can't be taken seriously.

weirdo912d ago

i just want it to run smoothly. don't think it has the driveclub candy, but i'm up for the licensed tracks etc.