Are Let’s Plays in Jeopardy or is Nintendo?

Nintendo recently decided it would like to take a cut of revenue from anyone posting content on YouTube. Are Let's Plays in trouble or is Nintendo?

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uth111186d ago

Why would let's plays be in trouble just because a copyright holder exercises their rightful right to the royalty? The video creator can still profit from it, and not all let's plays are done for profit.

SantasJollyBoots1186d ago

The problem with Nintendo is that they are abusing their right. Take AngryJoe for example, go watch his video he posted recently about Nintendo and you'll see what I mean.

wonderfulmonkeyman1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Nintendo is making a lot of mistakes that are costing them their good reputation, for sure.
But Angry Joe is probably the worst example you could bring up to point that out, dude.

Joe didn't even buy that Wii U of his. He waited until fans DONATED one to him, before he spent a single cent on anything in terms of games.
And now that he can't have full ad revenue, he's refusing to do any videos of the games on the system.
Which is literally him ›spitting in the face‹ of said donator JUST to protest against Nintendo.
And the kicker, is that he didn't do many Nintendo videos even before this, meaning him dropping Nintendo games is going to have so little impact on his bottom line that he won't even FEEL it.

Odoylerules0001186d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman: In his pissed off rant at Nintendo, he said he actually spent around $900 on Nintendo hardware so he could do let's play videos with a couple of his friends. Which video did he say it was all donated?

Nevers0ft1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

As much as I think Nintendo's actions on Youtube videos will ultimately prove unsuccessful and counter-productive (unless the rest of the industry follows suit), they're perfectly within their rights. Nor does Nintendo take ALL of the ad revenue of the videos in question - just a portion, similar to Youtube and content networks.

If Angry Joe wanted to do Nintendo videos and still get paid, he just wouldn't get paid 100% of the ad revenue. He'd get whatever was left after everybody else has had a slice, which is what his bugbear is. I like Angry Joe but I think he's making a bit of a straw man argument here, he could make and be paid for Nintendo content if he wanted to. By kicking up a stink he's getting loads of publicity, which is probably more valuable to him as it's views that count - Angry Joe aint stupid :)

GreetingsfromCanada1186d ago

No, the video creators can't profit from it. After youtube takes its 45% cut, Nintendo takes it's 40% and the studio helping the large content creators (such Maker Studios with Rooster Teeth and Pewdiepie) takes it cut, the profit is either negligible or there isn't any left at all.

ShinyCatnip1186d ago

The issue is that a lot of the people who this is affecting are full-time YouTubers. For them, this is so much more than a hobby. Nintendo taking that extra slice really hurts them. Of course Nintendo HAS the right, but maybe they aren't IN the right.

stragomccloud1186d ago

I love the way you put that. We'll said.

DillyDilly1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

They can get real jobs & not make a living off of other peoples work. Especially without any permission

BC_Master_Haze1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Just like the reviewer's (site based or YouTube) live off others work? Considering how big video games are on YouTube? Letting these people give us their opinions, experiences and entertainment is their job.

If it works for them and it's in demand who the f*** are you to argue with capitalism, jobs and money for the economy? Any job that generates money is a real job in my opinion, and I would rather have the money which doesn't go to Google's ad revenue to go into their pockets, not Nintendo's greedy britches.

uth111186d ago

And in any other job in a capitalist economy, you still have to pay your suppliers. This is no different. You don't get to rant and rave that how dare they charge you for making stuff using their products and therefore somehow you should get it for free.

rainslacker1186d ago


Reviews are an accepted form of content that falls under fair use, but even reviews have to abide by the rules of fair use. A review can not show more than what it needed to illustrate the point a particular part of a review is trying to make.

Playing a game from start to finish, and adding just a commentary is not a review, but a form of public display...which is not acceptable without permission. One big argument for LP's is that people tune in for the people who do them. They're the entertainment for them. Because of this, it's easy to say that these people are indeed using the content for their own gain, and that argument may actually hurt their cause should this ever go to court.

I won't get into what is considered a real job or not, just that LP's and reviews are not the same thing.

LP'ers and their supporters should be very careful about the arguments they use, and be very careful about which buttons they want to push. While many companies are willing to accommodate them for now, if they start to think that they are more important than they are, that right could easily be stripped away from them, and we all know YouTube will side with the console makers.

NiteX1186d ago

Exactly, get a real job, then you're allowed to bitch.

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wakeNbake1186d ago

Nintendo needs to get with the times, they are a greedy, arrogant, backwards, POS company desperately in need of new management.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1186d ago

as someone who uploaded Wii U content. Mario related is the only one claimed out of Wii U amazing library.

Why? because it's Mario.

You don't see people complaing about Smash vids because Nintendo doesn't claim those.

wonderfulmonkeyman1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Well, that's the risk they take by not going for a much more steady line of work, especially considering they're using, altering, then claiming revenue on copyrighted content.
The irony of all this, is that most of the big names complaining about this, did not, and still do not, make much money off of LET'S PLAYS of Nintendo games.
I can guarantee you that this hasn't had much, if any, effect on the bottom line of Angry Joe or Pewdiepie.
They're not complaining because this is a huge hit to their bottom lines, they're complaining because they want all the money, and all the control, instead of just a cut.

uth111186d ago

Nintendo is totally in the right here. Their copyright, their rules.

If professional youtubers really can't live with a smaller slice, they are under no obligation to cover Nintendo, someone else will.

fiveby91186d ago

Nintendo has such an inflated ego. They may have rights to their content but their policy is misguided. Free advertising by Youtubers would benefit Nintendo sales.That's clearly a legal department living in the past. Good bye Nintentdo. The 90's called they need you.

Halo2ODST21186d ago

They have the right to do this but that doesn't mean they're *in the right*.

Odoylerules0001186d ago

Well I think that's the problem... If Nintendo wants a cut of any let's plays of their games and other companies don't want a cut...well, I think we both know who's going to get more coverage. As the Wii U is Nintendo's slowest selling console ever, it might benefit them to loosen up on charging Youtubers so they can get some free press. Then again, Amiibos and the 3DS sales might let them continue on the way they do. Also, one shouldn't underestimate the power of Pokemon and endless IP rehashes that Nintendo can keep shoveling out.

3-4-51186d ago

Shiny - I'm going to make my job, commenting about your job. I'm going to make videos all about you doing your job, and I'm going to make money off of it.

Off of YOUR hard work.

Still cool with it ?

xander707691186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Would my job possibly benefit from the extra exposure of you doing your job commenting about my job?

If so then...yes. I'd be pretty damn cool with it. When can you start, you're hired.

hellothere19771186d ago

Why don't you go make something worth stealing, and have people profit off your hard work while making you lose sales and see what you think about it then.

xander707691186d ago

I would be pretty greatful for the extra free exposure, like most of the other video game companies are.

Odoylerules0001186d ago

"While making you lose sales"? Wtf are you talking about? Free press would only help sales.

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RSKnight1186d ago

Also another sign that Nintendo is sinking is that I've noticed that most kids today under 8 years old don't know what Nintendo is. Some know about Mario, but when I ask kids if they like to play Nintendo most of the time they stare at me confused as if I just said a bad word. Kids this days play on their parents smartphones and tablets, and when they learn about consoles usually is the Xbox or Playstation what calls their attention. I think this has become a huge problem for Nintendo.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1186d ago

"don't believe everything you read on the internet"

RSKnight1185d ago

I ACTUALY have asked kids in school. Didn't read it on the internet. Most kids know what an Xbox is, a little less also know what a Playstation is, but when I ask about the Wii U or Nintendo, most of them have no idea what I'm talking about. My conclusion: Nintendo has an urgent problem to solve. I still haven't seen one sigle add for the Wii U in cable channels like Discovery Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney XD. WTF Nintendo? And at the same time they are killing Youtube exposure to their games? It seems as if they intentionaly want to remain unknown. No wonder why their sales are so low.

Paulino301186d ago

@ uth11
And in any other job in a capitalist economy, you still have to pay your suppliers. This is no different. You don't get to rant and rave that how dare they charge you for making stuff using their products and therefore somehow you should get it for free.

You pay your suppliers when you go to the store and drop $60 plus tax on their games. You should be able to do what you want after that.

Protagonist1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

In this case, It seems one does not own the product when bought. I wonder about professional reviewers though. Does Nintendo pay them to review their games? as it is considered free advertisement, or is Nintendo charging them for the clicks, as they are earning money on a review that is based on a Nintendo IP, and therefore should pay Nintendo?

aquaticDonut1186d ago

Nintendo making bad decisions is by no means new. The world's full of games made by developers that aren't that dumb that youtubers can play.

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