I finally bought a PS4 - so how does it stack up against my Xbox One?

Dealspwn: "As a videogame writer, editor and reviewer, I've amassed a fairly sizeable selection of review platforms. Specifically: a 3DS, gaming PC, NVIDIA Shield, PS3, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. To say nothing of my retro library.

However, as you can plainly see, there was a gaping hole in my console collection: the PS4. Though a handsome machine, it simply didn't offer enough exclusive clout for me to justify the expense back in 2013, while the games that I was excited about -- Transistor, Uncharted 4, Planetside 2, Bloodborne and the like -- were either already available on PC or months away from release. Since my colleagues both have one, I was content to let it slide.

Then Bloodborne launched. So I bought a PS4. And I love it.

So after owning a PS4 for a fortnight or so, I thought it might be fun to pen an impressions piece. Not a review, rather what strikes me as the features and functionality that set the PS4 apart from the Xbox One I've used over the last 18 months, both good and bad, and what initially grabs me about the device as a gamer as well as a reviewer."

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bggriffiths1247d ago

The current lineup of consoles are all getting cheaper now. It's time to own them all! Then just play with one of them...

Genuine-User1247d ago

Pretty much my experience. Almost all my gaming time is on the PS4. That should change once Halo is released, or even Fable Legends.

Xaphy1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I have a ps vita, ps4, 3ds and xbox one. Just need a wii u now.

Calvin_ISA1247d ago

I am in the same boat as Xaphy. Waiting for a Paper Mario that returns to the style of the first two!

XBLSkull1247d ago

Decent article though I disagree on the controller. The DS4 is a big step up from the DS3, but still lacking behind the 360/Xbox One controllers.

He nailed Kinect, it does feel strange not using it. The fact that I can say either "Xbox On" or hit the center button on the controller and my Xbox, TV, surround sound, and cable box all turn on and i am ready to rock is truly awesome. Switching inputs has literally become a chore, having to dig out a separate remote sucks, it feels so outdated, like using a flip phone in a smart phone world.

dantesparda1246d ago


I disagree, I think the PS4 controller is much better than the X1's. It feels better/more comfortable and has a better dpad.

Plus it has the light (which is used in many games for effects like the police siren effect in GTA5), a touchpad, speaker, standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a rechargeable battery which can be recharged using your android phone's power charger or a PC. None of which the X1 controller has.

Also, you do know that both the PS4 and PS3 (since the Slim, through HDMI-CEC) can also turn on your TV and Receiver (if its HDMI-CEC also) when you turn on the PS4, right?

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Blues Cowboy1247d ago

Haha, yeah, I think choosing two and a handheld is the best way to shoot for. Any two of the PS4, XO and Wii U will sort you out, potentially with a 3DS or Vita.

Moldiver1247d ago

@Blues Cowboy

Yup. Im looking at a 3DS (waiting for some kind of limited edition). I already have an X1, PS4 and two pretty well specced PCs tending to my gaming needs.

Now if youll excuse me...Neverwinter awaits! My hunter-ranger is starting to get seriously bad ass!

Blues Cowboy1247d ago

@Moldiver: I'd highly recommend the 3DS. Fantastic system. If you're in Europe I'd recommend the New 3DS over the New 3DS XL, it's more comfortable, though I admit that I have smaller hands.

Thehyph1247d ago

Because 3DS hardware is region locked and the new 3DS didn't release in North America. He's saying he prefers the non-XL version.

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BoriboyShoGUN1247d ago

THE DS4!!! I love the controller, even after hours of gaming my hands feel great!!

fr0sty1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I too think it is great, but I won't lie. After many long hours playing Destiny, it can make my hand hurt in the bones that connect to my ring and pinky fingers. When I grab the controller, I have a bad habit of trying to use my middle fingers to pull the triggers. Holding the controller this way causes my ring and pinky fingers to hang freely below, as there is nothing to support them there. So, after a while that lack of support causes soreness in my aging hands. It should be noted I have a history of joint problems, these hands like to complain a lot.

Just a personal experience, I've never met anyone else who said they've had issues. I retrained myself to only use my index fingers for the shoulder buttons, and that helps some. That enables the remaining fingers to more easily grab the handles of the controller and keep that grip.

The problem would be fixed for me if the bottom of the hand grips were fatter on the back side, giving those 2 fingers something to rest against while playing. Pick up your DS4 and hold it with your index and middle fingers on the triggers, you'll notice how the other 2 fingers kinda hang freely (you can grip the handles, but you have to actually try, it isn't the natural resting position), and how only an inch or so extension on those hand grips towards your fingers would fix the problem.

Hell, I might even duct tape the handgrips until they're wide enough at the bottom.

A small gripe, but it's an issue I've had none the less.

Saijahn1247d ago

I think the DS4 is the weakest part of the console personally. From the way the share and options button are sitting on the curved corner like they were afterthoughts. And how the controller makes my hands sweat, and the thumbsticks feel slippery over time.

VealParmHero1246d ago

ds4 is deff great. i still like the x1 contoller better, but thats just my preference. i hated the former ds, but they really nailed it this time, in a big way.

Blaze9291247d ago

i really don't see the point in "opinion" articles like this. Honestly

RzaDaRazor1247d ago

A "review" is an opinion article

Saijahn1247d ago

It's am opinion article, he's making a decision on what's the best console for his personal preference.

VealParmHero1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

just a level-headed discussion for people who are thinking the same or just wanna talk a bit....i guess we should instead piss all over each other in heated, even more meaningless resolution and sales articles?

ps- not accusing you of thinking this way, but just saying this article isnt flat-out pointless and deff beats the alternative.

alabtrosMyster1246d ago

PS systems have been able to turn on your TV/audio receiver since the PS3, as less ng as you use hdmi...

Heck, I even control netflix (and other media apps) with my TV remote... Sure, there is no "xbox on" but if the rest of the sysyem is clunky, hard to navigate and install tines slower what good is it really?

nitus101246d ago

I am going to disagree with you on this.

If you are like me and prefer Action/Adventure RPG's or just RPG's then you would know how long some of these games take to play and with say 4 to five games this could be enough to last you many months to the exclusion of the other consoles so it becomes rather pointless and expensive to own them all.

I think it would be a simple matter of just picking a console that has or will have the games you like and will want to play.

Still if you like relatively short games (I am not counting on-line games here) and you have the money as well as the time then by all means get all the consoles that will have the games you like.

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xHeavYx1247d ago

Oh, look, another "PS4 VS XOne" article ending with "They are both good"...

Dlacy13g1247d ago

Sure, sure it did the nice "they are both good and I win" ending but it was a decently written article and 1000 times better read than the countless "10 reasons why XYZ is better than ZYX" trash we see on N4G regularly.

SmielmaN1247d ago

I agree. His article was a breath of fresh air with no mud slinging. Good for this guy.

bleedsoe9mm1247d ago

well they are , dual owners may lean one or the other way but there is no denying the are both great systems with a year and a half of updates .

XanderZane1247d ago

I'm enjoying both of them. I had been playing XB1 more for awhile, but after Bloodborne got released and the new PSPlus games, I've been playing my PS4 a lot more. Both systems have lots of great games to play on them. If I were still working, I'd have a Wii U by now as well. Already own both a 3DS and PSVita. The article was well done.

Jaqen_Hghar1246d ago

what exactly would constitute a bad system? A man never understands what people's expectations are when they say "they're both good systems"

OB1Biker1247d ago

Lol didn't bother to read. How's is that an 'article' anyway?
Anyone can post their own comparisons when they get a new console

Ultr1247d ago

Anyone can do everything. Thanks sherlock :D

OB1Biker1247d ago

Lol yea I just mean there millions of 'reviewers' on the Internet and you could see these articles everyday if you like.

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NeoGamer2321247d ago

They are both good. It is not like one is extremely better than the other. Gaming media sensationalists would like to think so, but in reality, the choice comes down to what you value and preferences more than it comes down to one is better than the other.

I started the gen with all three consoles. I have gone with X1, but I could've gone just as easily with PS4. Nintendo games are great, but the Wii U is junk.

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Moldiver1247d ago

I did it the otherway round . Bought the PS4 at launch then got an Xb1 at xmas. I agree with the article that the XB1 has the better exclusives and that the differences on multiplat games are nothing to shout about. I also Agree that its the Ps4 exclusives that really show of the hardware. But even when that novelty of good visuals wears off...I find myself going back to halo, forza and my friends on XBL. Just seems to be how I spend my gaming time.

OBVIOUSLY others will feel different, and I should not even have to state that, but I will just to save certain folks the hassle of wasting their bubs by stating the obvious.

Obviously this authours point of view is his own.

Obviously mine is too.

Obviously yours may be different.

Using that as a beacon of perspective to inform the thread, I SHOULD expect civil debate about this. But we know its not going to go like you were.....

*heads off to play neverwinter*

BattleTorn1247d ago

"*heads off to play neverwinter*"

Welp, that killed my agreement.

gamertk4211247d ago Show
averagejoe261247d ago

Multiplats aren't that different?


On everyone else's copy of Destiny, entire buildings and trees were missing on the xbone version.

I own both, so no need for the fanboy crap. Just be realistic.

Blues Cowboy1247d ago

Not everyone owns two copies of Destiny, one for each format ;)

mhunterjr1247d ago

If you are only playing 1 version of the game, do you care that another version has more trees? Do those trees have a dramatic impact on the amount of fun to be had?

I think that's what he's getting at...

Gh05t1247d ago

I forgot how much that tree really just changed the game. When i played it on the PS4 and i saw a tree that wasnt their on the X1... I said ""This changes everything." the story was different the graghics were smoother it was like a whole new game after seeing that tree... then i woke up and realized thats not the point the author is making.

claudionmc1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Ok, it is not like "a whole new world" if you switch for XB1 to PS4 in terms of graphics, but it is as simple as getting best visuals for the same amount of money. If you don't have the money to purchase both, then own the console with the best visuals at the same money. It is pure logic.

Spotie1247d ago

God, those were some of the dumbest counter arguments I've ever seen.

Hammtweezy2192 1246d ago

Dang it!!!!!!!!! Now I have to go get a PS4 with Destiny. Thanks for letting me know about this, I can't believe I was playing a game with less trees or buildings.

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Kingscorpion19811247d ago

What's funny is people assume the Ps4 will not have anymore exclusives this fall. I'm sure Sony has something up their sleeves and I wouldn't be surprise if they announce a few exclusives at E3 that come's out this fall.

mkis0071247d ago

Pretty much a guarantee they will have at least 2 games to announce just like last years lbp3 announcement.

Jaqen_Hghar1246d ago

A man disagrees that Xbox exclusives are better

Letthewookiewin1246d ago

Ya and its apparent he hasn't played Bloodborne. It's got amazing gameplay and destroys everything on X1 graphics wise. He wouldn't be turning on the X1 for a while if he had it.

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Hoffmann1247d ago

We really need more console war articles :-)

BC_Master_Haze1247d ago

Agreed but they're so subjective as is. I liked the ending on this one though: "The winner is, Me!"

StrayaKNT1247d ago

Both consoles are amazing and nobody should ever miss out on the great exclusives on both systems.

Blues Cowboy1247d ago

Agreed, the game plan needs to be "buy both"

spacedelete1247d ago

"buy both" ? like anyone has enough time to play both and have a social life. i couldn't even keep my 360 and PS3 once i had my PS4 and realised after years of being a dual console owner it was pointless so i sold the 360 and PS3. one console a gen is enough for me.

Kingscorpion19811247d ago

One console is enough for me too especially since I already have a high end PC

BoriboyShoGUN1247d ago

I always owned all the consoles, but this gen i'm staying on PS. Sure its going to hurt not to play some of the Xbox exclusives but I just cant support those guys this gen.

MegaRay1246d ago

Yeah right... cant even shrink my backlog with 3 systems (PS3/Vita/PC) and you want me to buy BOTH too, so I dont miss on amazing games? I will miss on alot of amazing games if I do actually.

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