Introducing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In part one of our three part series, Danny investigates the history of this beloved RPG franchise and introduces how Wild Hunt's prologue area attempts to introduce newcomers.

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MrCherry914d ago

GOTY! So much to do.......good by out side world.

Bansai914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Very good piece Gamespot, I watched it earlier and was impressed by how nice everything was done, the filter, commentary, awesome job.

As for the game, well ... it's gonna be a really long month.

thekhurg914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

He just dumped on every developer out there that charges for simple DLC.

"What does it cost us to make new armor? A few hours and a couple people? That should be free."

Genuine-User914d ago

Glad we have two more to come.

SolidStateSnake914d ago

I really like his statement about DLC. Please other developers, take notes. This isn't even a billion dollar company like EA or Ubi who charge one dollar for some coloring on your weapon. Shame on them!

Mega24914d ago

This month can't go fast enough!

skulz7914d ago

These developers must be one of the most consumer-friendly ones out there. Much respect to them and this masterpiece.

Conzul914d ago

All companies seek money.
But some place their product and artistry on the same level, sometimes even more.

Love these guys, and will be supporting the heck out of them.

hello12914d ago

Its handy this studio is from Europe the price on steam is not that bad for a new game.

PC version for me will be my first Witcher game.

Khajiit86914d ago

Get Witcher 2 from for about $6. Its an amazing game.

cpayne93914d ago

It has cost under 5 in steam sales. I got the witcher 1 for 2.50 on sale, great game.

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