What's Next: Batman Arkham Franchise, Will WB Keep It Alive?

As we all know Rocksteady Studios has been quite vocal about the fact that Batman: Arkham Knight will be their final installment in the critically acclaimed Arkham franchise.

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98xpresent1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

i don't want it if it ain't from RS

I'm being closed minded lol

ravinash1186d ago

We've already seen what happens when they give the franchise to someone else.

HexxedAvenger1186d ago

Best thing to do, IMHO, would be to let it end with Arkham Knight and start something else.

ninsigma1186d ago

Don't let it become another assassins creed. Finish off with a bang and move on to another franchise to make more money from that. We've seen a taste of what happens without rocksteady at the helm.

DevilishSix1186d ago

It's a cash cow for them so even after Rocksteady moves on WB will probably run it into the ground.