Kingdom Hearts III outsourcing character modeling/texturing to studio in India

It appears that Square Enix is outsourcing some work on Kingdom Hearts III.

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DJ1095d ago

They really couldn't do it all themselves?

MegaRay1095d ago

They want to finish the game as fast as they could. Which is good. And dont worry SE "never" rush games out, not to my knowledge atleast.

Tiqila1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

still they made some weird choices in the past and the final fantasy 13 games were of low quality if compared to their predecessors. In my opinion that is.

Magicite1094d ago

As far as I know games developed by SE are extremely polished from technical standpoint.

rainslacker1093d ago

Outsourcing is really common nowadays, particularly for art assets. The final product still undergos the scrutiny that it would if it were made in house, and the art director will have daily meetings with the outsourced studio just like they would with an in house crew.

tkato1094d ago

Many studios do the same, Crytek for example, some Crysis 2 assets were even outsourced to Crysis 1 modders.

mastershredder1094d ago

Lol. Love, care and personal touch mean nothing anymore.