Big debate: Are publishers copping out with HD remasters?

GR:"It feels like we're awash with HD remasters lately, especially with a Devil May Cry 4 remakeDevil May Cry 4 remake on the way so soon after the DmC Definitive Edition. Are we starting to become overrun with them? Here's what we think…"

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DigitalRaptor1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Yes, and no.

We were awash with HD remasters towards the end of last-gen (particularly on PS3), and that didn't stop many amazing games coming out.

Games are getting more and more expensive to make, so I can understand publishers wanting to maximise their profits from last-gen games, to put towards the budget of making new games. This might not be the reason for them, and for some publishers it's probably not, but it's a trend that's beneficial to many including myself - it's a disgrace to others. I think it will fizzle out by the end of 2016.