Phil Spencer plans for Multiple Windows 10 P.C's to connect to a single Xbox One

Phil Spencer has confirmed Microsoft's plans for linking the Xbox One to the Windows 10 P.C.

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hello12915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

AMD let it slip its seems mid to late July Windows 10 is coming out to the masses with dx12.

What we also are factoring in is, with the Windows 10 launch at the end of July, we are watching the impact of that on the back-to-school season, and expect that it might have a bit of a delay to the normal back-to-school season inventory buildup,” -Lisa Su, CEO AMD

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I wonder how long will it take to get streaming up and running on x box 1? I think Microsoft will need to change the OS kernel sometime soon for it?

Microsoft games for the holidays could be dx12 games if they release dx12 and windows 10 for the x box 1 before end of July. They also could be dx11 games in reality, but hopefully know after E3.

Rookie_Monster915d ago

Fable Legends is the first DX12 game and I suspect that game will be a launch title with Windows 10 and DX12 so it wouldn't surprise me if it is a Jul or Aug release if the rumored Windows 10 July release is indeed true.

TheCommentator915d ago

Fable is a DX11 "reskin". I've heard Halo and Forza are native DX12 software.

KarmaV12915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

You've heard? You'll claim two titles who have not stated anything about using DX12 to actually utilize DX12, but you'll claim an announced DX12 title isn't really using DX12?


TheCommentator915d ago

Wow indeed.

Fable was quickly ported to DX12. It is widely known to be running DX11 through it's development. Halo and Forza are both using new engines developed for those titles which are rumored by various sites to be using DX12. Phil even said in a few tweets that DX12 games would likely be out 2015 holiday. It is possible, which is why I used the adjective "heard" and not some other one like "know". Can't even post about a rumor without getting ragged on by someone.

Mellow out, nobody wants bad KarmaV12.

fayz915d ago

ms have already included streaming in the beta dash update.

ScorpiusX915d ago

Just once I would love to hear shit from those truly involved not some lame 3rd party , that is causing confusion as they dance around the NDA .

Dudebro90915d ago

This site is terrible. Freezes and looks like crap.

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christocolus915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Interesting. I guess i will be trying out Fable legends at launch.

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