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roguedragon11186d ago

Not what I expected looks more like prince of Persia type game. Kinda glad cause now I won't buy just for the sake of it like many other assassins titles in the past. What happened to victory?

TheJacksonRGN1186d ago

Victory isn't launching until later this year. This is the second DLC for Unity. That is what it was originally. Now it will be a trilogy of digital content.

Anyway I'm hoping for a physical release later on.

Jalva1186d ago

I think they made this just so people would shut up about the Chinese assassin from the short movie and the Russian and Indian assassin's from the books getting their own games, three boring potential settings for the future of the series ticked off too, I ain't complaining!

DragonKnight1186d ago

Yep. If you notice, Ubisoft is only interested in AC games where they can reuse assets. That's why European architecture features prominently in the series because they can claim they made whole new maps based on historical settings but really they are just reusing AC2 buildings and stuff.

If they made an actual game in China, they'd have to put a lot of actual work into it.

Jalva1186d ago


I agree and disagree with what you said, sure European architecture features prominently in the series but the buildings are still noticeably different from setting to setting, especially in Unity where everything is built on a 1:1 scale and the buildings look very uniquely French and not like the buildings in Venice from AC2, look at the amount of detail that went into Notre Dame too, definitely not reusing assets there, sure it would take a lot more effort than ever before to make a game set in China when it came to the architecture, but to say that it all looks the same up to this point in the series is definitely not true.

ThichQuangDuck1186d ago

12 Games
9 Years

But why are some of the most interesting game changing ones taking place off of consoles?

Neixus1186d ago

huh? It's for ps4, xbone and pc :s

ThichQuangDuck1186d ago

More saying I wish this was a full entry like their normal games,but set in China and presenting an interesting story and combat system there

aquaticDonut1186d ago

Like I'm gonna buy another Ass Creed game after the insult that was AC Unity.

Lifescope1186d ago

This would have been a great port to the PS Vita. Why isn't it?