Starting guide for Waste of Skin character in Bloodborne

A starting guide for new players who decided to play with the Waste of Skin origin in Bloodborne.

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WizzroSupreme1156d ago

Great guide. Thanks a lot!

Spyroo1156d ago

I thought the reason people would choose Waste of Skin is to give themself a challenge, so why would they look up a guide?

antikbaka1156d ago

they start with Waste of skin not for challenge but to build a character as they please entirely. And now people would look for a guide how to spend their souls in a best way if they want to play as a character specializing in certain skills/weapons.

mayberry1156d ago

I wa fascinated by the "press kit unboxing" link. WOW! Did not know about the swag the press got for the review game! OT: good article detailing why wos would be useful for someone to start off as a neutral character .