IGN E3 2008: Dead Space Upgrade Preview

IGN writes: " For a while now, we've been looking at the Hydroponics stage of Dead Space aboard the Ishimura, which is proving to be a rather sizable section of the ship. We've explored the West Grow Chamber with its poison pods and seen the horror of the Leviathan, but we wanted to highlight additional features that we explored within the East Grow Chamber section of the ship. The first thing that we noticed was an air purity board that was projected before us with flashing lights. Clearly, we needed to rectify this situation before the air in the Hydroponics section would be moderately safe for Isaac. But this would be a harder challenge for Isaac in the East Grow Chamber, which had clearly been corrupted with more Necromorph infestation than some other sections. The walls were covered in fleshy slime and other strange crap, making it look much nastier when combined with bodies and other unfortunate casualties.

Before heading into the madness engulfing the East Grow Chamber, we decided to stock up at the Store. Aboard the Ishimura, there are various holographic stores that, in happier times, would sell goods to the shipmates. Fortunately for Isaac, the stores have not lost their functionality, so he can use the virtual vendors to sell equipment that he's collected and has no use for along with purchasing new gear. This ranges from simple healing items to ammunition to specialized gear known as nodes, which are extremely vital to Isaac's success if he wants to survive."

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