It’s Surprising to See How Many Wanted Single Player for Star Wars: Battlefront

OnlySP: As I’ve scanned the internet for news on Star Wars: Battlefront over the past couple days, I’ve noticed one thing. A lot of complaints. People complaining on the internet about a video game is nothing new, obviously, but what they’re complaining about has kind of taken me by surprise.

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Dlacy13g1156d ago

I don't see how this is shocking... I also don't see how EA felt this was something they could pass over. Pretty much ever MP only shooter that has come out in recent years has had a shorter life cycle. Some kind of single player campaign would have been a good call even if it was just 4 hours long..just give us a nice good storied campaign to go with the big MP experience.

WellyUK1156d ago

why bother though if it's 4 hours long... Why not just spend more time on making the MP better. No point tacking on a terrible SP experience like they have done with Battlefield when no one plays it...

TheFanboySlayer1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

I agree with this comment. Why implement something that reviewers will just tear apart. Alternatively, I hope they figure out a way to implement bots so I can play offline as well.

Edit: Maybe even a horde-like mode where we play with friends split screen.

Booost1156d ago

this is EA your talking about

FarEastOrient1155d ago

This is EA, didn't they learn the lesson from Titanfall? If the crowd moves to different games, the multiplayer dries up fast, especially on the PC lobbies. Another good example is how much hype the media generated for Evolve, which became a barren wasteland after a couple of months.

Baka-akaB1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

I dont think it got much to do with that . It's about wishing a nice star wars solo adventure with that kind of gameplay and technology ...

Personally i can live without it , but it would have been nice

Spinal1156d ago

Yeah..... I'm pretty sure even if BF3/4 or CoD AW launched without a singleplayer they would still be played massively. Just as Destiny proved there's really no singleplayer offline campaign there. People still play it.

I for one had no expectations for a singleplayer campaign as I know what DICE specialise in.

And either way I wouldn't care for a Star Wars singleplayer where I had to play as a Trooper or any gun wielding guy over a force user. And since it's not a Jedi outcast or force unleashed kind of game I don't see where singleplayer would fit here.

At the end of the day we need to see Gameplay anyway. I'll wait to see that before I put up any pre order.

Nodoze1156d ago

Citing Destiny as an example of what to do for a game release is not advisable. There was significant backlash for that release. If anything it is an example of what NOT to do with a big release like this.

As for BF I used to play through the capture the campaign against AI all the time. It was a fun way to capture all of the planets and to practice and have fun without getting super serious.

The lack of a campaign for this is a significant oversight. The sad thing is that just like with Destiny people are going to buy this anyway. So this sends a message to the publisher that it is not needed.

Soon we are going to be paying 150 per game for multiplayer only digital only releases that we don't own. Some will wonder how we got to that point, and it is by buying and supporting titles like these with DLC milking, and no campaigns.

The only thing the publisher cares about is the MONEY. If they get money by making less of an effort, they will keep doing it!!

DivoJones1156d ago

People always want choices like offline/solo play even if they're not as popular as multiplayer. If CoD shipped as multi-only there'd be outrage. Titanfall suffered from being multi-only as well.

Plus once they shut down the servers for these online-only games within a year or two they're worthless.. so that's when single player comes in handy.

avengers19781156d ago

This Is my problem with mp only games... As much as we all hate it networks still go down, XBL, PSN, and even PC servers still go down. Having SP still lets us play a game we paid good money for, when said network goes down.

All that said..,.. I still pre-ordered mine on PS4.

Dlacy13g1156d ago

the good news there is an offline bot mode supposedly. As for pre-order....I refuse to pre-order games until the day before release. there is no need or fear of it "not being available" since big titles like this have more than enough discs printed. I also don't need to give these companies an interest free 9+ month loan of my money.

LamerTamer1156d ago

I don't understand the preorder thing. Once they get a lot of money for preorders that just incentivizes them to release broken buggy glitch fests to meet a release date to avoid preorder cancellations.

It is not like they will run out anyway and the game could suck. pre-ordering seems kind of dumb.

assdan1156d ago

Why would they do that again? So people would heavily criticize the game having a short campaign like exactly what happened with BF4? No one has ever played battlefront for the campaign, I don't get why people care that it's gone now.

Captain_TomAN941156d ago

BF4 shouldn't have had MP either, and anyone asking for SP in Battlefront fundamentally doesn't understand the game.

Hell the Previous ones effectively had no SP as well considering the "Campaign" was just a bunch of the MP maps thrown together with Bots.

3-4-51156d ago

I actually wasn't interested in Single Player for this game because they are making another Star Wars game specifically for that.

* Resources and time to the single player takes away from the mulitplayer.

LamerTamer1156d ago

I am kind of glad they didn't tack on a crappy 4 hour campaign. If they did I would be tempted to buy it and then feel let down that I beat it in one sitting. Now that it is MP only I can easily pass on it and not even think of wasting my money.

It is kind of disappointing that there is no single player Star Wars game coming. I would love a true SP Star Wars campaign. Oh well maybe I will just play Dark Forces on the PS1 emu on my Nvidia Shield portable to scratch the itch, not much of a choice.

porkChop1155d ago

In this case, I think it's a good thing. Dice is honestly shit at making campaigns. Had we gotten a campaign for this game it would have been terrible. If it was any other FPS developer then I would be pissed off because no one else seems to be as incompetent when it comes to singleplayer. Dice should stick to MP only games.

However, if the game is multiplayer only, I hope they don't expect me to spend $80+ CAD for the game.

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stragomccloud1156d ago

Is it though? $60 for a multiplayer only game is a pretty good rip off. That's why I waited for the price of TitanFall to come down before buying it.

Takwin1156d ago

I will never pay $60 for a multiplayer only game ever again. I so much prefer single player games - RPGs and action adventures and turn-based strategy.

assdan1156d ago

So tacking on a POS campaign with no depth somehow makes the game worth more to you?

Seafort1156d ago

It's a bit more palatable than just having a MP only game with no depth like Titanfall.

Battlefront is just going to be Battlefield with a Star Wars skin anyway.

Personally I'm not too bothered about the game they all play the same way in the end.

Maul_T_Pass1156d ago

Isn't there an option for offline battles or did I miss read that somewhere? The Battlefront series has always had offline battle modes with bots. Are people up in arms because there isn't a story mode based single player campaign? There never has been.

PockyKing1156d ago

There's single player / co-op missions, but no actual Campaign mode.

Dlacy13g1156d ago

yeah.... basically its the MP game just filled with bots vs human players. Its a poor/cheap way out to give us a back of the box check mark for single player. It's guaranteed to disappoint.

bananaboats1156d ago

Battlefront has never had a campaign, stop complaining. Battle front is gonna be an amazing game

Dlacy13g1156d ago

@bananboats I never said it had a campaign... just that it should. I can complain about that all I want and will be critical of DICE as their last 2 efforts have been broken messes. You can blindly fall in line if you want... I choose to reserve my enthusiasm for now.

kamundo1156d ago

bananaboats is so eager to shill for EA/DICE that he's willing to outright lie. Battlefront 2 DID have a campaign. It is reasonable to expect that a sequel released 10 years and 2 console generations should have more content and features than its predecessors, not less.

ion6661156d ago

People should do a little research before cracking their knuckles and typing. Someone please explain the premise of battle front 1 and 2. Those games cost about 55 bux when they first came out. Did anyone complain back then......nope. I expect no more no less from the New battlefront .just some awesome battles. I will be enjoying the game while others sulk in

Dlacy13g1156d ago

I think actually a great many people complained back then that it didn't have single player, its just the internet was not what it is today. People just bitched about it in the game store and wrote letters to magazines.

aliengmr1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Well, a little less at first. Didn't have to wait for "space battle" DLC back then.

To be honest, the cancelled BF3 seemed to offer a much better experience. Going from space to the planet surface, stuff like that. I totally expected that stuff which was kind of the direction the first 2 were taking.

As for the single player, BF2 had a nice package deal. Kind of an "open" single-player thing with a little narrative attached to. Wasn't spectacular, but it felt like good value for the money. This new SWBF looks pretty, but seems more like reskinned Battlefield to me.

DougLord1156d ago

I love single player StarWars RPGs. I have no idea what single player Battle Front would look like. 1 player supported by 19 bots fighting 20 bots? That sounds horrible!

Allsystemgamer1156d ago

Play battlefront 1 and 2. Multiplayer maps with bots. That's about it and it was fun. People are just being entitled

Toiletsteak1156d ago

I am still getting this game because not having a single player doesn't bother me i wouldn't play it if the multiplayer is good but, it does suck for those who enjoy single player so they should have done it that way no one can moan but saying that people always find something to moan about.

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