Why Rocksteady quitting Batman after Arkham Knight is the right choice

Dealspwn: Don't take that title as a slur on Rocksteady's excellent work on the Arkham series of Batman games, or as an ill-judged prediction that Arkham Knight is going to be anything other than brilliant. Far from it. Batman: Arkham Knight could be the crowning achievement of the trilogy, the realisation of years of hard work and the culmination of efforts and ideas that were finally allowed to exist as gaming hardware caught up to Rocksteady's lofty ambitions.

So why so keen to see them let the Dark Knight go after June 23rd (well, after the inevitable expansion packs at least)?

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crazychris41241186d ago

Would love to see a villain game with destruction and unique gameplay. Should have very little in common with their Batman games. Don't want a reskinned Batman.

zsquaresoff1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Well, they aren't "quitting" the series. Quitting is leaving the job half done, which is not the case with Rocksteady.

They're ending the trilogy and moving on to something else.

Hopefully a Justice league game.

bggriffiths1186d ago

Quitting doesn't always mean that at all. Essentially, if they wanted to carry on making Batman games, I'm sure Warner would let them.

If you're at a job and want to do a different one, you 'quit' your current job. It's just language. Nobody, including this article, can accuse Rocksteady of half-assing their Batman games at all.

pivotplease1186d ago

It's for the best. Nolan did a decent job with his Batman trilogy and it's good he's done with it and didn't ruin it by pulling a Peter Jackson. It's like comparing Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother. You have to know when to end things so as not to let your franchise get stagnant.

trywizardo1186d ago

ran out of milk :v
but seriously I'd rather see it ends than having milked so hard like other old franchise
Please make superman next xD

wakeNbake1186d ago

As much as I would love a Superman game, current technology doesnt make it possible for it to stay true to the comics.

trywizardo1186d ago

just remember that GTA V ran with 360 and PS3 , the beauty of consoles and why I'm a console gamer is that they can be pushed a lot and each year the games just keeps on looking better (except for COD)
I'm sure superman game will be awesome , but maybe 720p on consoles xD

MurDocINC1186d ago

I hate superman, he's the most overpowered super hero, only weakness is kryptonite which makes him so boring.
You can't shoot him, beat him up or trap him without kryptonite. Only way to make an interesting game is give all the enemies kryptonite.

kayoss1186d ago

Guess you've never heard of Doomsday.

trywizardo1185d ago

you'll know when batman vs superman get released

pompombrum1186d ago

Rocksteady have done such an amazing job on the Arkham series but I also agree that it's time for them to move on. They have so much talent at their studio that it almost seems like they're being held back by the confines of an existing IP. I'd like to see them take what they've learned over the trilogy and go nuts creating something completely new.

-Foxtrot1186d ago

I hope they do a new Superhero who isn't very well known or hasn't had a game before

That's why I want a Constantine game or maybe Freakazoid was a Warner Brothers property after all.

uncharted561186d ago

That would be cool but I think they will do a justice league game next to coincide with the movie. Plus since it wont be all superman powers might translate better to gameplay even though I want a superman game.

700p1186d ago


LightofDarkness1186d ago

True, just like Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor. Oh wait...

kayoss1186d ago

A wolverine game by them would be awesome or maybe a Spider-Man.

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