NIS Announces The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival

The first stage of Nippon Ichi Software’s new title countdown has expired. It revealed that more details about Majo to Hyakkihei: Revival (The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival) will be revealed in Dengeki PlayStation on April 23rd.

On the countdown page, if you wait about a minute you will hear laughter and the green numbers will change to red numbers, unlocking the next stage of the countdown. The second stage will end on May 12th, which may be the game’s release date.

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greenmiker1069d ago

We were waiting a countdown for starting another countdown? Nice....

slinky1234561068d ago

Well I didn't get to play the one on PS3 cause I sold my PS3 to get the PSTV. So hopefully this comes to PS4, the other game looked interesting.

Lionalliance1068d ago

wait, why would you sell your ps3 to get a ps TV...doesn't make sense.

slinky1234561068d ago

Was hoping PSNow would start adding newer PS3 games at some point soon(facepalm). And I wanted a PSTV. It was still worth it for me, I get a lot of use with the PSTV and my PS4. Wasn't using my PS3 so much.

_-EDMIX-_1068d ago

Agreed. Can't stop laughing. I have just a huge library of games for PS3 and have no plans to ever sell it.